Making money selling information
Making money selling information

I guess you may have been wondering what the secret of making huge cash from information marketing is? The major idea behind information marketing is selling information to those who are in need of it. Nobody buys any product without quality and unique content detailing the benefits of the products. You must have come across the slogan: ‘Content is Key.’ This is to let you know that unique content is the key to online presence and brand visibility.
Therefore, the world of internet business is the world of information marketing. Remember that articles, e-books and even podcast are nothing without a piece of throat-wetting information that addresses your need.
To become an info marketer means you are ready to write and read what others have written. What are the works of info marketer? You could either write and sell or buy and sell information online.
How? Whether you are interested in self-help e-books or pure articles or becoming a copywriter, one thing is sure—you need to understand the basics of each of these niches. But this is not what I want let you know in this article. You can go further to seek information if you are interested in making big cash in each of the aforementioned niches.
The secret I want to reveal to you? I want to show you how you can make big money with small investment in information marketing. How is that possible?
Have you heard of outsourcing before? I’m sure you are aware of what Search Engine Optimization services are all about. What SEO services providers do is win millions of dollars information contract from webmasters and pay people like you and me peanuts to write them.
SEO services deals with all the services needed to help your site receive high Google ranking. There several webmasters who are in need contents on hourly basis and these people contact those who need information and high ranking for their sites.
It is important you understand that they could charge $5 or $4 per hundred words. For five hundred word-contents which is usually the range of web contents, they could be receiving $20 for a single 500 words article. And what they do? They go to writers’ forum and contract the work to cheap writers, those of us who are hungry to make any amount writing. They pay you $3 per 500 words.
This means that for a hundred articles contract, you will be receiving $300, a meager amount from a whooping sum of $2000 they collected from their clients. This is the big secret to making large cash with small investment in information marketing.
You get the secret? The secret is outsourcing contents to writers. But you must first of all become a good writer so that you can at least hire a topnotch write who can deliver quality and unique contents that will meet your requirement for quality contents.
In subsequent articles, I will show you how you can become a writer and make tons dollars as well as what information niche is booming online and what you can write about.

This article was written by Michael Valentine .

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    I am not sure about making huge cash from being and article writer, you can certainly make some money but not a huge amount of money.

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