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Workings of Microfinance; alternative ways to bank funding:

Without Microfinance, financial freedom of many people would have been trapped in the restricted access of bank loans. The ultimate object of Micro finance is to gain government’s approval to allow institutions operate as licensed rural bank owned by the community and managed by the board. The bank provides the community with viable access to savings and credit facilities. In every institution that offers micro credit, anyone who wants to participate will need to have a good understanding of the institution’s vision, commitment, principles and methodology. In some instances, a training session is usually organized to enable participants receive credit. Most Credit institutions required their participants to save before participation could be approved. They are often encouraged to cultivate the habit of saving to enable them mitigate risks and create a secure future. At times, a minimum saving deposit of 10 percent of the applied loan is required as saving priority to access credit. Most credit institutions rely on solidarity groups to mitigate risk. Usually 5 – 15 people; more or less are required for loan disbursement in some cases. The beauty of Microfinance is that the community in collaboration with the institution determines annual rate of interest for loans. Loan terms are mostly for one year and vary in some others institutions. Importantly, all loans are required to be used for income-generating activities such as animal husbandry, food...

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Using Internet to make additional income in Ibadan

Do you know that you can make best use of your online time? Rather than chatting on facebook and other social media, you can make some dollars writing articles on any niche. There are many people like you in Agbowo, Bodija, and Challenge, Ibadan, who are making it big writing articles and blogging. There are several webmasters who do not have time to write articles, so they hire and pay you for writing those articles you see when you Google some phrases. I am a Nigerian guy like you and I live in Bodija, Ibadan. How did I start? I was in need of money and rather than chatting on facebook, I Google how to make money online. There are many results the search engine brought out. Because I like reading and writing, I continued my search on how to make money writing articles. So when I saw that it was real after I read testimonials and how other people are making it big. I began to read more about it. In the end, I started writing anything. I mean anything is marketable online. There are many niches you can write on: self-help articles, money-making, IT, fashion, health, etc. You can equally make money blogging. So, I found this and as a forum where I can get clients and published my first articles on which I...

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Bingo – Online v traditional bingo hall bingo

The Bingo game has been around centuries long. According to records of history, the bingo game began as early as 1530’s in Italy. At those times, the name of the game is not what we are known of because they call it “Beano”, derived from the red dried beans, which are then used in covering the numbers. Consequently, the bingo game was first introduced in the US by Edward Lowe in the 1930’s and it sprung up very popular a few years after. Before the introduction of Internet, it is not new to hear “bingo” as it is our oldies’ favorite pastime although even the youngsters could play because the game has very easy-to-follow rules and mechanics. It is really loved by all ages because bingo game is not just a fun and enjoyable game, but many would anticipate the jackpot prize. Aside from that, it is one way to socialize and meet new people. Play anytime at your own comfort From the time bingo game invaded the internet, playing bingo became accessible to everyone. This is an advantage playing online bingo game. You do not need to go somewhere else and even worry with the time because it is available 24/7. Compared to the traditional live bingo, bingo halls are available in selected areas and perhaps very far from where you are. Socialize globally It is no doubt...

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Step by step guide to getting your site online in Ibadan

Do you know that it’s not really difficult as you think to get your site online? I will assume that you only know how to surf through the internet and will give you step by step guide on how you can get your site online. In Agbowo complex alone there are over fifty web developers and computer gurus that can help you handle your site designing need. Also, there are professional website designers in Molete, Ikolaba, Bodija and many other places ion Ibadan. So, you can follow these steps to get your site online. The first thing you need to do is to choose a domain name for your site. This is your website’s name, like For you to get a domain name, you have to pay annual fee to register the domain name. But, this does not get your web page online. You need additional steps. Get a web host and sign up for an account. Look at Web host as a company that has many computers connected to the internet. When you place your web pages on their computers, anybody online will see it. As soon as you are able to get your domain name and web host, you need to design your website. There are two ways to get this done. You can either hire someone to do it for you or you can design...

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How to Start a Limited Liability Company in Ibadan

Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner whose business has not been incorporated? Do you not know the benefits of expanding the reach of your business through incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)? To reap the benefit of becoming a Limited Liability Company in Ibadan, here are some of the steps you need to take to ensure that your business is registered with CAC. The first thing you need to know is that CAC is a government agency empowered for assigning patents and approving names of business. The following information will help you get your business registered. I will advise that you should register your business as Limited Liability Company with the aid of a lawyer who will help him minimize the headache and cost of incorporation. The amount you will pay depends on what the lawyer charges. You must however understand that the minimum shares that must be in your business before incorporation is one million naira. When you are sure that you meet the first requirement, you can go ahead and choose a name, may be “ABC Nigeria Ltd”. Then, CAC will carry out a search to confirm that such name is not in use. As soon as the confirmation search is completed and your name chosen, CAC will give you 60 days for completion of registration. Keep at the back of your mind that a...

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