So you think you are the newest blogging sensation to emerge from Nigeria? You have identified a great niche, you have created awesome contents, sourced engaging photos and graphics. You may well be on your way to becoming a successful Nigeria blogger, but have you given a thought to the web hosting platform to host your blog?
We think SSD cloud hosting is the best platform for your blog. Here are the 10 reasons why SSD cloud hosting should be your first choice.

1. SSD Cloud Web Hosting is Superfast

Two different technologies were combined to make SSD cloud hosting, the super- fast platform it is. The component that makes it faster than regular cloud hosting, is Solid State Drive, SSD for short. Compared with its predecessor, Hard Disk Drive or HDD for short. SSD drive is 100 times faster than HDD.
The reasons SSD is faster than HDD is complex. The simple version of the reason is that HDD uses a combination of mechanical arms, and read/write heads to move information around.
SSD on the other hand, has no moving parts (hence the name solid state), making writing and accessing information much faster.
It will take a mere 0.2 milliseconds for an SSD drive to perform the same read or write action, that takes a HDD 15-20 milliseconds.

2. SSD Cloud Web Hosting is Resilient

One of the advantages of cloud based web hosting is it’s resilience. Cloud services are usually distributed across many servers. The servers are in turn distributed across many countries sometimes. From a resilience viewpoint, this makes SSD cloud hosting more resilient than regular hosting platforms.

3. More Environment Friendly

SSDs have no mechanical moving parts that require energy to power the movements. It uses less energy to power the drive. It generates less heat, translating to the fact that the servers do not need so much cooling, like HDD powered servers. It can be argued that SSD cloud hosting is more environment friendly.

4. cPanel is Available on SSD Cloud Hosting

Most webmasters have their favourite control panel software. The author of this article prefers cPanel control panel. Most web hosting companies, selling SSD cloud hosting have cPanel available.

5. Reduced Need for Data Backup

If you host your website on a cloud based SSD powered server, you really do not need to buy additional data backup service. It is always a good idea to have a backup of your site, but with a well configured SSD powered server, your data integrity is more secure.
SSDs are solid state disks, they do not use the unstable rotating disks associated with HDD. So every piece of information on your website is properly stored.

6. Highly Durable Platform

Why you should host your Nigerian blog on SSD cloud hosting

Why you should host your Nigerian blog on SSD cloud hosting

Of course your web hosting provider passes on all the costs incurred from hosting your site to you. They pass on saving too. Because SSDs are more durable than HDDs, in the long term, SSD cloud hosting will be cheaper than cloud hosting on HDD.

7. Easily Scalable Server Resources

10 advantages of SSD cloud web hosting

10 advantages of SSD cloud web hosting

This is more of a feature of cloud hosting, with or without SSD. You can easily scale resources on a cloud server up or down. If you have ever tried scaling resources on a traditional server, you will appreciate this. With a few clicks from your dashboard, you add or remove resources as needed.

8. Better Uptime and Site Availability

The most redundant traditional hosting on a single server uses a technology called RAID. Your site data is spread across many HDDs. In SSD cloud hosting, a full copy of your site is placed on many servers. If one server goes down, the nearest server automatically continues to serve your site to visitors. This makes SSD cloud hosting uptime and availability a lot better than other hosting server configuration options.

9. More Affordable

You will think SSD cloud hosting will be more expensive than traditional web hosting, but it is not. The main reason for this being that it is highly scalable, it makes pricing more flexible than other forms of web hosting server configuration.

10. Better SEO Ranking for Your Site

One of the factors that affects the rankings of a website in search engines is website speed. If your site is hosted on a fast SSD cloud server, your site load speed will improve significantly. This increases the chances of your site being ranked higher in search engines.