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Blogging is one of the most exciting hobbies in the world. It gives you the chance to write about your passion, work where and when you like, all you need is your smartphone and or a laptop. Only a few people manage to transition from a hobby blogger, into a professional blogger.
Many hobby bloggers will like to transition to a professional blogger.

What does it take to be a successful blogger in Nigeria? Apart from the obvious, such as passion for writing, taking photographs and marketing your blog, what else do you need to be successful in the crowded blogosphere? Haba Naija put these questions to successful and growing Nigeria bloggers. Every blogger and aspiring bloggers should read their answer and advise below. I could help you to become a better and more successful blogger.

1.Chioma Iwunze Ibiam


Being a blogger in 2020 requires a lot of grit and wisdom. Your job is to stand out. “Find out what your competitors aren’t doing yet and find a way to excel at it. In the age of the internet, valuable content will always be in short supply” So make sure you’re providing valuable content and helping interested readers to find your blog content. Take a free course in SEO (or search engine optimisation). It will put you ahead of your competition and teach you a few tricks you can use in unimaginable ways. finally, select trending topics in your niche.

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2. Evgeniy Garkaviy

Evgeniy Garkaviy
Evgeniy Garkaviy

Today a lot of young bloggers think that producing high quality content is enough and after that, they can wait for traffic growth. But it is not true. One ofthe most successful bloggers in SEO industry Brian Dean from Backlinko.com had only 40 blog posts on his blog, when it generated hundreds of thousands visitors every month.
“Another important factor to consider is featured snippet. Usually when search query contains a question – Google is more likely to show a featured snippet.” So when you choose a topic for your article, think about something with a question.
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3. Oluwatoni Olatunji

Oluwatooni Olatunji
Oluwatooni Olatunji – Just shoot, go for it!

Shoot! Put in the work. Put your art or service out there, perfect or not. Sell yourself or your dream to collaborators. Make your move whether there will be a “yes” or a “No” at the other end of it. “We are raised on fear in Africa… fear of failure, fear of new experiences, fear of the unknown. But if we must move forward on our success chart, we must master the art of acting right away… in the moment”. So, this year, quit side-stepping that arrow you would really love to shoot. Pick it up and go in for the kill!

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4. Damian Onwe

Onwe Damian
Onwe Damian

No one can ever achieve any great thing in life without first of all having a strong will to succeed. It takes a determined mind to excel. What differentiates a successful man from others is the strong will behind his achievements. He was moved with great passion to pursue his goals.
Therefore, if you must succeed in this year, 2020, be determined to pursue your goals. “Don’t wait for your dreams to come true. Go after them, work for them and see the results”. Remember, success cannot be achieved without determination.
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5. Gboyega Adelowo

Gboyega Adelowo
Gboyega Adelowo

The best way to upgrade your blog in 2020 is to master SEO techniques. With the SEO techniques you’ll be surprised how you blog will be ranked by google.







6. Omoleye Timilehin

Omoleye Timilehin
Omoleye Timilehin

The first Key to Success and one of the main reasons why you are NOT “successful” is that you lack true purpose. Success is the accomplishment of goals and if you don’t know what you truly want.






7. Tope Odurinde

Tope Odurinde
Tope Odurinde

To be a successful blogger, in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world, you have to be a jack of all trades, and master of them all, well at least the most important ones. For starters, here are some of the skills you have to be adept at: Writing, editing, proofreading. You need a decent working knowledge of photography, image editing and manipulation. Then you must know how to market your blog, so you must be good at public relations, search engine optimisation, link building and many other tasks you have to either have the skills to do yourself, or money to pay someone who can do it for you.

8. Jane Ngozi Agwara

Jane Jerry Agwara
Jane Ngozi Agwara

Considering the number of very successful blog out there, making your blog successful in 2020 especially for new bloggers can be quite a hassle. But you wouldn’t know what would happen, unless you try. Social media platforms and sponsored ads are a very powerful tool that can drive traffic to your blog. Most people frequent their social media accounts more often than they visit a blog to read something. Therefore, building a strong social media fan base, sharing your content and directing your followers to your website is a great way of driving traffic to your blog. However, this does not guarantee that most of your social media followers will visit your blog. But, if you have great content with a captivating title or starting sentence, then some if not most would be moved to visit your blog.
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