Dating - who should make the first move?
Dating – who should make the first move?

So, your eyes have him locked into your view. He is the attractive man that you have seen every day for a month, and you would like to get to know him better. He may be the guy that sits across from you at your workplace, or he lives across the street from you. So, although the two of you are eyeing each other daily, you think that he should be the one to break the ice. That is how it is supposed to work, right?

Not necessarily. If you make it a habit to constantly wait for men to approach you first, you could end up missing out on a great relationship.

Women Should Be the One to Get the Ball Moving

It is a widely held belief that men are supposed to take the lead role when it comes to starting a relationship, and therefore, determining where the relationship will lead. But, research has shown that women are actually the ones that begin courtship. The ironic thing is that most women do not realize they are subconsciously giving off signals when they are around men.

If a man walks up to you and starts a conversation, chances are it is because you gave him a signal that you were interested in him. Our body language speaks louder than any words we ever speak with our mouths. A man will never show interest in you unless you are giving them a clear sign that you are interested. That makes sense because men a do not like to be rejected either. They will never talk to you unless they know they have a chance to get to know you better.

Things a Woman Can Do To Initiate Contact

If there is a guy that you really like, the way you get him to notice you is to send a subtle signal. Here are some ways you can do that:

  1. You have to read his body language. This is time that you notice the non-verbal cues that he is giving you. If a man glances at you more than once and smiles, there is a very good chance he is interested in meeting you. These men are easier to approach than a man that has not shown any interest.

2. Make it easier for him to approach you. Once you find that cute guy looking at you and smiling, return the eye contact. Try to maintain eye contact for a few seconds. Do not forget to smile.

3. If you see your crush every day, try to start a small conversation with him. A simple “Hi” will work wonders in your favor because he will realize that you are friendly.

You Can Initiate, but Do Not Chase

It is perfectly fine for a woman to start things off with the initial contact, but if you throw the ball to him and he does not catch it, it probably means that he was really not interested in you. This is totally acceptable and do not become discouraged. You will find a man that will like that personality trait in you.

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