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documents needed to travel from Azerbaijan to Nigeria
documents needed to travel from Azerbaijan to Nigeria

The following are the documents needed to travel from Azerbaijan to Nigeria, these includes  visitors visa, temporary work permit, Business Visa, How to process your visa in Nigeria, Nigeria visa fee, 10 facts about Azerbaijan.

Table of content

  1. visitor’s visa
  2. Temporary work permit
  3. Business Visa
  4. How to process your Visa in Nigeria
  5. Nigeria Visa fee
  6. 10 facts about Azerbaijan

Visitor’s Visa

  1. The first thing needed is a passport with at least 6 month validation
  2. A completed visa form
  3. Two recent passport photographs
  4. A letter of invitation from company or host in Nigeria accepting an immigration responsibility
  5. A statement of account showing evidence of sufficient funds
  6. Nigeria immigration service visa payment Receipt and Visa acknowledgment


  • Printed copy of concluded application form
  • Passport with at least six month validity
  • Printed copy of approval of letter of application by comptroller General of Nigeria immigration service

Business Visa

All the information stated above also applies to a business visa. However, a business visa might not require a letter of invitation, but a statement of sufficient funds.

How to process your Visa to Nigeria

  1. it the Nigeria immigration service portal :
  2. Find and locate the appropriate application form that fits your purpose of visit
  3. Ensure to  fill the application correctly
  4. Click on the submit application form and preview the application submitted
  5. Click on the submit to payment button
  6. Click on the select payment currency button to choose what currency you wish to pay then click on the continue button. (you will be required to pay the visa fee in dollars.)
  7. After payment, you will be redirected to an approved payment platform to complete your application form
  8. Proceed with your visa payment receipts, passport and other required documents to the Nigeria embassy in your country for an interview.

Nigeria Visa fee

  • Single Entry – US $78
  • Multiple Entry- US $78
  • TWP Fee – US $78
  • STR Visa Fee- US$78

10 facts about Azerbaijan

  1. The people of Azerbaijan are known as Azerbaijani or Azeri. You can also use the same handle for the Turkish peoples of Iranian, they are of the same ethnic origin.
  2. It is believed to be the landing place of Noah’s acK
  3. Azerbaijan once produced half of world oil
  4. It has a city built on stilts
  5. It has a very complicated borders
  6. It is a nation of tea drinkers
  7. The country has 45% of world mold volcanoes
  8. It is a place where you drink your tea with jam
  9. Its currency is modeled on Euros
  10. The people really love pancakes

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