Movie Review - Unspoken
Movie Review – Unspoken

This is a short 2012 Nigerian movie made in the UK, which was produced and directed by Sunny King, which stars talented Nollywood actors and actresses;

•Marlene Abuah as Sandra
•Segilola Scott as Lola
•Imanuel Orwi Ameh as Ayo
•Amour Owolabi as Emeka

A quiet unpredictable movie as the title implies. It surrounds the trials of relationships were secrets are hidden deep with the heart of man. Some individuals are ready to live and die with a secret unlike others who can’t wait to get it off their chest. It surrounds societal dos and donts that affects relationships.

This movie lays emphasis on a secretive lady Sandra played by Marlene Abuah, who seems to have secrets hidden from her partner Ayo played by Imanuel Ameh. She slept with two friends but can’t keep the secret any more from Ayo. She tells him and gets dumped but not for what she did.

On the other hand Sandra’s friend Lola played by Segilola Scott seems to have a perfect relationship with Emeka played by Amour Owolabi. They would be getting married soon . Their relationship is a focus of much envy for Sandra who seems to be having an already crumbling relationship. A secret is would be unleashes which would change their lives.

What happens next? What are Sandras plans? Sandra is obviously not a good woman ,as there are lots of secrets yet to be told by the movie that remains unspoken. A good movie, that’s why no spoilers were included so as for viewers to have maximum interest in the unpredictable story-line. Superb production and a must watch by fans of Nollywood.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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