Climate change means a long-term shift in the pattern of weather, atmosphere, and temperature. This can be of natural cause, but it is more a result of human activities. There are also a lot of threats that come with climate change.

Climate change causes an imbalance in society. Some places face drought, while others face floods. There are also cases of intense heat waves, warming oceans, rising sea levels, etc.

A lot of effort is being made by various climate change organisations to put the climate in a better status and make the world a better place. It is also no surprise that most of these climate change organisations are non-governmental organisations.

An international conference on climate change, called COP, currently in its 27th chapter is taking place just under 2,000 miles from Nigeria in Egypt, it is the COP27.  Some call it the African COP.


Here are the top 5 climate change organisations in Nigeria;

1. Nigerian Conservation Foundation

2. Glow Initiative

3. Climate and Sustainable Development Network of Nigeria (CSDevNet)

4. Climate Change Network Nigeria (CCN-Nigeria)

5. Friends of The Environment Nigeria (FOTE)


1. Nigerian Conservation Foundation

The NCF is a top Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established in 1980. It deals with the conservation of nature and the environment. It promotes the use and management of natural resources. Natural resources used for sustainable development of the Nigerian.

The vision of the foundation is; “A Nigeria where people prosper while living in harmony with nature”.

NCF covers local communities, top societies, corporate bodies and tiers of government. It has its Secretariat located at Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos. Some of its present sponsors are; Ecobank, Chevron, Access bank, First Bank and CAP Plc

Some of the projects embarked on by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) are;

  • A. P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute (APLORI) at Plateau State
  • The Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) Project at Edo State
  • Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) at Lagos State
  • Omo – Oluwa – Shasha Conservation Project at Ogun, Ondo and Osun State

2. Glow Initiative

This is a Non-Governmental Organisation focused on dealing with economic problems such as climate change. This is to promote economic development. Also, for the achievement of a “climate-smart economy”. Plus, to set up investments in SMEs(Small and medium-sized enterprises).

Under this initiative is an arm established for combating Climate Change. It is known as CLIMATE SMART NIGERIA (CSN). This arm deals with making efforts to provide education on the reality of Climate Change. Also, about the necessary steps needed to combat it. This arm Of Glow Initiative also aims to promote technology based on renewable energy.

Thus, some of the problems in need of solutions are:

  • The problem of Climate illiteracy and;
  • The country’s poor electricity system and power outages.
  • Some of its programs are;
  • Gorapid Sustainability Academy
  • Climate Ambassadors Network
  • Renewable Energy Initiative 

3. Climate and Sustainable Development Network of Nigeria (CSDevNet)

The network carries out activities and programmes to curb the threat of climate change. The CSDevNet is a top climate change organisation. It seeks to promote sustainable development of the nation at all levels. It also draws the engagement of corporate bodies, agencies and the government.

There are also programmes and projects which the Network carries out. To create awareness of the basic needs of laws, policies and practices on climate change. Also, for sustainable development.


4. Climate Change Network Nigeria (CCN-Nigeria)

CCN-Nigeria is a non-governmental organization established in 2007. It is made up of over 150 diverse civil society organizations. The National Coordinator of the CCN Nigeria is Surveyor Efik.

It makes efforts to create a climate-friendly country. It also causes a reduction in the vulnerability of Nigeria. CCN-NIGERIA stands with the vision of securing the ecosystem. It also puts national and international instruments to good use. They help to achieve its goals and objectives.

Its objectives also include;

  • The education of stakeholders of civil society on climate resilience.
  • To promote climate justice and gender equity.
  • To promote the participation of and contribution from stakeholders in global negotiation processes.
  • To educate all stakeholders on their civil roles to improve climate conditions.

Some of the organization’s strategic tools are; campaigns, advocacy, research, capacity building, information dissemination, partnership or networking, civic education, awards, project implementation, knowledge management, consultancy services, and so many more.


4. Friends of The Environment Nigeria (FOTE)

This is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1993. It is under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN). The organisation has the primary goal to carry out activities and programmes. Also, to address the needs of the identified groups, having an impact on the environment and climate. Activities such as tree planting to control deforestation.

The organisation works hand in hand with other national and international organisations. They include; the Energy Commission of Nigeria and United Nations agencies.

Some of the projects of Friends of The Environment Nigeria (FOTE) include;

  • Y-FOTE


In essence, climate change has a global effect on humans, plants and animals. This sets in the need for these organizations to provide solutions to these problems of constant climate change. This is why they set goals and objectives and conduct activities and programmes to actualize their plans.

Other climate change organisations include;

The Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Studies.

Sustainable Research and Action for Environmental Development (SRADev Nigeria).

Netlink Environmental Conservation Organization (NECOR)

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