List of Nigerian Charities - start of a charity water project

List of Nigerian Charities – start of a charity water project

Charities and NGOs play a vital role in the lives of Nigerians, both at a community level, state and national level. Charities tend to provide essential humanitarian services, which governments are unwilling or unable to provide, for example safe clean water or shelter for orphans.
In our list of Nigerian charities and NGOs, we compile a comprehensive list of some of the leading charities and NGOs actively working in different communities and states in Nigeria and the type of services they provide.

1. Hope Spring Water Charity Foundation

Hope Spring Water Charity foundation is a Nigeria charity, registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The charity’s registered office is in Agege, Lagos state but it works all over Nigeria. It’s focus is providing safe, clean water to communities that lack access to clean water. Though access to clean water is the charity’s main focus, it also works in sanitation and hygiene. Its work in sanitation includes campaign against open defecation. It’s work in hygiene includes advocacy for sanitary pads to girls and disadvantages women.

2. Wheel of Hope Rising Foundation

Wheel of Hope Rising Foundation

Wheel of Hope Rising Foundation

Wheels Of Hope Rising Foundation is an ambitious Lagos based charity, with the aim to positively impact every facet of human endeavors. They work to alleviate poverty, especially those that tend to afflict women and children.
Their outreach and are of intervention includes clean water, medical testing and medicine distribution to some of the most vulnerable individuals and families in Nigeria.

3. Media For Community Change

Media for Community Change

Media for Community Change

Media for Community Change or MFCC for short is a media organization with a difference. It is a media organisation but  unlike most media organisation is also a charity. It’s main mission is to use its platform to bring the voices of the grassroot to the attention of people that matters. The charity is based in Abuja, but works in most parts of Nigeria.

4. Hpoverty

H Poverty is a Lagos based poverty alleviation charity. It works mainly with women and girls. It works extensively on perido poverty alleviation as well as helping with providing safe, clean water to communities in Nigeria.

<3>5. Haske Water Aid and Empowerment Foundation

Haske foundation describes itself as a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is committed to providing safe drinking water, advocacy, mentorship, and youth and women empowerment programs. They have a mission to provide safe drinking water across Nigeria and beyond and to empower young Nigerians and women to take up community development/service projects for the betterment of humanity.

5. Taste

Taste is a UK based charity, founded by a Nigeria. All their work is in Nigeria, especially in Plateau State. They have their own drilling team, who construct community boreholes and sanitation projects.
Taste is particularly keen to transfer the skills and expertise to the local communities they work with.

6. Irede Foundation

Irede Foundation

Irede Foundation

We have all seen children and adults with no limbs in every street in Nigeria. What if a person or an organisation were to help that child or adult acquire a prosthetic limb? Their life will be full of brighter possibilities. That is what the NGO Irede foundation has been doing. They help people without limbs to acquire one.
Trying to describe the awesome work this organisation does in less than 100 words will not do it justice. The best thing is for you to visit their website and read what they are all about for yourself.

7. Public Health Aid Awareness organisation

Public Health Aid Awareness organisation or PHAAE is an NGO working on issues affecting women, adolescent girls & children. They are focused on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene. You can find out more information about them on their website

8. Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative (AREAi)

Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative or AREAi charity helps
young people in rural communities in Nigeria to access education. You can fund details of their project and a full description of the people they help on their website:

9. Padup Africa

You can easily tell what Pad Up Africa is from their name. Their mission is to sensitize adolescent girls and women in Nigeria on good menstrual hygiene management and empower them with sanitary pads. A mission they have been carrying out very well for many years. Visit their website to find out more information about their project

10. Dorcas Cancer Foundation

Dorcas cancer foundation aims to ensure that every child diagnosed with cancer in Nigeria has access to the best standards of care. Read more at their website:

11. Hip City Innovation

Hip City Innovation

Hip City Innovation

HipCity describes their aim in the form of a commitment to ensuring a free and democratic access to information, sharing with groups that have difficulty accessing it. HipCity is heaving with youthful energy. You should visit their website to find out more information, including where you can find their office in Abuja.

Add a Nigerian Charity or NGO to this list? All you have to do is comment on this list or contact haba Naija.