How to get your ex-back ?
How to get your ex-back ?

How does an individual who is determined to have an ex lover go about it?

Sometimes after a break up, individuals might just decide to date other people just to discover themselves rather that be stuck up to a relationship, filled with arguments and strife. Others might just decide to go back to a relationship and give it one last thought. Getting a partner back is never that easy. These are some tips which would enable an individual get their ex lover back and enable a unification.

The few days after a break up is usually the most emotional moments when anger, hate and all manner of dislike troops into the mind. This is the best time to avoid every type of contact with your ex. This gives an individual time to work out on what to do next. During this period, try as much as possible to have no contact in any way with each other so as not to create more anger and hate.

This would leave the other partner in a state of wonder filled with guesses about what is happening with you. This is the stage were that partner has no choice but to reflect on the good times you both shared and begin to miss your presence.

During this period, still remain absent. Try to remain disciplined about this. No text, and no calls, remain anonymous. Your partners emotions should stir up wildly during this period thereby evoking more cravings for your presence. You could hear talks about him/ her and about the fight you both had. Still remain silent and calm about the issue. After a reasonable period of time, some changes from your partners tone and behavior would start to change towards you.

•Different Cases
There are certain different and special cases where partners cannot avoid themselves. Such cases are;

•if both partners live together
•if both partners have kids

In such instances, keep the interactions short, plain and simple. Make sure you always reply a conversation but never add anymore to the discussion than necessary.

Most people leave a relationship when they are no longer getting the vibes of seeing what they used to see in the partner they once knew.

•Change Your Appearance and Social life:
Try to become the sexiest version of yourself. Change your hair style and your wardrobe to give you a different look, also watch your eating habit to get back in shape, focus on your job and not your relationship set backs. Find a new hobby that would keep the mind free and happy, have fun and improve your social life by reconnecting with friends and making new ones.

This shows you are moving on and would only make your ex want you more. Definitely news and gist would be flying around about your new and improved self. If both stay together, he would see signs of improvement and would only make him want to get back to the way you both used to be.

•Build Up Confidence
Build up confidence. Dating other people might just help you become more confident . Maybe its time to move on and discover what you really are or this is just a means to keep your mind off your ex.

This strategy at which an ex lover is avoided almost always works. It never works if that person never really loved or had feelings for you.

•Getting Back In Contact;
Text messaging is a good means of creating that bridge of communication with an ex. If you think your ex has suffered enough, don’t be hesitant on making a contact, you could always send a simple message saying “hello”

Calling is not a bad idea if you just want to break the silence ones and for all. But most times, the phone doesn’t give you time to think when the conversation starts, so texts are still recommended. Texting gives you time to think and compose your words properly.

Through this contact period you can both understand your differences, know why your ex left and the misunderstanding ensued. Be relaxed during your contact with your ex, have a positive state of mind and never resort to the past to make you get angry again.

•The Reunion
If you ever come across each other, or initiate a reunion, never push too hard to reunite, take it slow. Watch for signs that he/she needs you back. Give him or her time to swallow their pride. Let the opportunity create itself before you get the right moment you have been waiting for to initiate that reuniting kiss. If possible, take the discussion to the bedroom and tell yourselves how much you love each other by whatever language you both understand.

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  1. There are certainly several ways you can go about getting an ex back, and many of the tips you shared are worth a shot. I believe building up one’s confidence is key, together with working on yourself to be a better person.

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