Underage Marriage

Senator Yerima “Advocates” for Underage Marriage

“The former Zamfara State Governor and current Senator, Sani Yerima, whose marriage to a 13-year-old girl drew widespread outrage in 2009, literally pressed the Senate to reverse a vote that appeared to outlaw underage marriage, almost marring a crucial constitution amendment vote Tuesday.”

No my friend, you are not suffering from any from of mental disorder. Neither are you hallucinating, you read that right, right as rain i must reinforce. Let me put that in perspective for you to shock you out of the trance you currently believe you are in. Somewhere in Nigeria, somebody’s biggest problem is the urge to create a law to make your 6-year-old sister,daughter,cousin,relative eligible for marriage.

The build up. This is the same ex governor of Zamfara state who married a 13 year back in 2009 which caused an uproar in the nation and several child right organisations. I cant remember how it was handled then, but he used the excuse of Prophet Mohammed who married a 9-year-old girl. Prophet Mohammed died on June 8, 632(not 1632, 632).

The event. “The Senate constitution review committee had recommended alteration of section 29 of the constitution that deals with the manner of renunciation of citizenship. The constitution states that full age means 18 years and above and the committee proposed a removal of part b of the clause which states that any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age.
Senators overwhelmingly backed the recommendation that it be removed, leaving the prospect of final passage if accepted by the House of Representatives and state Houses of Assembly. However, Mr. Yerima questioned why the section dealing with age of a married woman was deleted, describing the move as un-Islamic.” “And thus I clothe my naked villainy with odd old ends stol’n out of holy writ, and seem a saint, when most I play the devil.” – KING RICHARD III.
The long and short is that the clause could not be deleted yet from the constitution because one-third of the house has to vote in support of its removal.

So the gays have come to ask, those wanting to marry young girls have come to ask, i can bet you the rapists are already gathering forces and will come to ask shortly.