Oriki Iwo
Oriki Iwo

Oriki iwo Osun. Eulogy to the people and the land

—-updated on the 22, January 2020——-
Oriki iwo, is a praise poetry. This form of oral poetry, which we have written below for you in text is known in Yoruba as oriki. Every important town, village and compound in Yoruba land has their own praise poetry. Whether you are from Iwo or not, we hope you find Oriki iwo inspiring. We would like to thank Mr Segun Alabi for Oriki iwo.

Oriki Iwo

Iwo olodo oba, omo ateni gbola, teni gbore nile odidere
Omo oba to lu gberin afiporo je omo to lu gberin gberin
Iwo ti ko nilekun beni koni kokoro, Eru wewe ni won fi n dele
Eru ko gbodo je m’ogberin, Iwofa ko gbodo je mogbede
Omo bibi inun won ni je m’oderin
Bi wo kola biwo kolowo lowo, eru ti n se mi ni rami ta mi to mi ni temi o jare
Iwo lomo Olola ti n san keke, Iwo lomo oloola ti n bu abaja
Agbere ni wa won ki gbowo Ila lowo awa
Eyin lomo ara eru ke omo, omo ara eru bere eni
Omo araya le ki omo tode. Iwo ilu Alfa
Iwo todidere pepepe tenure te k’oroyin.
Edumare Bawa Da Ilu Iwo Si
Amin, Ase.

You can read the oriki awori eulogy in this page.

Where you can find Iwo Osun, Nigeria on the map

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8 thought on “Oriki Iwo – Eulogy to the people of Iwo”
  1. My own version learnt from my grandma:

    Iwo olodo oba, omo oba tolu gberin
    Iwo onile ilekun, bee le o ni kokoro
    Eru wewe lon fin dele ni iwo rakin
    Omo rakin oto mu rojo
    Omo a salo saju ija
    Iwo a kabi soro, omo akorogbo sowo
    Eni owo ba n so lona re ko wa wi
    Towo tileke lo n so lajule babami

  2. Jummie,
    Thanks for sharing your grandma’s version of Oriki Iwo with us. Most Yoruba Oriki always have different flavour which each family/clans having their own version. I quite like your grandma’s version, it shorter and quite sweet. I like the “akorogbo sowo” part of it. It sorts of informs us that Iwo people (or your family/clan) cultivates or sell orogbo.


  3. You guys are doing great. Am lifted with this oriki IWO. ORII MI N WU. IWO NI!

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