track phone location online

track phone location online

The cruelty in this world on the rise and dishonesty is growing day by day among everyone. There was a time when parents taught their kids not to tell a lie and be honest with everyone. Now everything is running opposite that we have had in common.

When it comes to young children they used to tell lei the parents about their presence outside the house and parents themselves have to do plenty of things to know where they are at the moment.

On the other hand, the business community is struggling to track their employees working outside the premises of the company. Employees used to dodge their employers in working hours and they waste their working hours here and there and pretend that they are in the deployed area. Therefore, business enterprises are facing a lack of productivity and many other issues alike.

Parents want to know the exact and pinpoint the location of their kids to make sure their safety from predators and their activities such as drug abuse and hookups. Therefore, we have come up with a tool that enables employers and parents to track the location online of kids and employees using a cell phone tracker app.

Install cell phone tracker app to track kid’s & employees location

If you are one of those parents and employers that are struggling to monitor children and employee exact and current location, then you need to find out the mobile tracker app to get rid of all the issues. Now visit the installed web browser of your mobile and connect it with cyberspace.

Now visit the official webpage of the cell phone monitoring app and get a subscription online. You will get the license and receive an email that provides you the passcode and ID. Furthermore, possession of the target handset is compulsory then you can start the process of installation. When you have physical access completes the process of installation successfully.

When you have completed the process of installation then you need to activate the location tracker software. Now recall the password and ID and get access to the web portal where you can use plenty of tools to track the kid’s and employee’s location respectively. Let’s get to know about the tools that are best in the business.

Phone tracker app to track kids & employees location remotely

Cell phone tracking software provides you multiple tools that you can use via an online control panel account and then remotely get access to the target device. It will upload all the information to your dashboard that you can see and get to know about the location of the device with a complete time stamp. The following are the tools that can do surveillance on target cell phones to monitor the location of children and employees respectively.

GPS location tracker software

You can remotely get access to the target mobile and then you can use a GPS tracking app for cellphone. It certainly empowers you to get access to the current and accurate location of your employees that you have deployed outside the premises of the company. However, parents can use it and get to know where kids or teens are moving or present at the moment in real-time. You can virtually see the location of your children and employees respectively using

Google MAP.

It means parents can get to know what their children used to go to a certain place and where he/she used to spend most of the time. On the other hand, employers can get to know where employees are present in working hours and you can be accountable if they are outside the deployment area without permission.

Location history tracker

The phone tracker app is the best tool that provides plenty of tools to parents and employers to know about the location history of the children and employees regularly. Parents and employers can also get to know about the daily and weekly location history with a complete time stamp.

Mark safe and restricted areas

The end-user can mark safe and restricted areas for employees working under you and for your kids going outside the house. You can remotely set a Geo –fence on their cellphones and you will see a circumference around the particular area where they used to go. It will send you email notifications whether they have left or entered a certain place or not.


TheOneSpy is the best and ultimate tool that empowers you to track a phone location of employees and children without facing any issue.