relationship close to perfection

relationship close to perfection

It is a common saying that the best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even hear. The best and the most beautiful things in the world come from the relationships we have with other humans, either love, families, or strangers, are the things that give vitality to life.

Though it is a fact that there’s no universally accepted definition for a relationship, yet, we could say that relationship is how two or more people or things are connected or state of being connected. e.g A non-sexual relationship involving family, friends, or acquaintances. It could also be physical or emotional intimacy. Although an intimate relationship is commonly a sexual relationship.

While a lot of people assume that dating and relationship mean the same thing, though both are interwoven because they share a lot in common, yet they are different.

While relationships involve some sort of intimacy between friends and loved ones,  “date” means going out on a specific time to meet with someone on a particular purpose to spend time with them

Though they say a perfect relationship do not exist, some relationships could be close to perfect.

Here is a list of 7 factors that makes a relationship perfect.

There must be:

1. Understanding and good communication.

Understanding is a powerful weapon keeping some relationship alive. People should never allow other matters, whatsoever it is to come between their relationship. Good communication between both parties is essential and any relationship that fails to communicate at least twice a day is not a healthy one because having good communication and understanding each other is essential and they are interwoven. Also, good communication with one another won’t steer up anger and abusive words but bad one does, so people should ensure saying good words at all time

2. True love for one another.

Real affection for each other in a relationship matters a lot, there should be real love between both sexes because love is a powerful instrument one can’t do without in a relationship and the absence of love brings hatred.

3. Sacrifice and commitment.

Every relationship requires a willing sacrifice and commitment to keep it alive and going. Sacrifice and commitment shouldn’t be something that is forced on someone to do no matter how stressful it could be because sacrifice applies in all things in different ways. Likewise, commitment shouldn’t be excluded because loyalty is the father of trust.

4. Trust.

As people are of different types and nature, some would say once you hurt their feelings, your trust can’t be gained in their heart again, Why? Because he who betrays is not of a good heart and the possibility of them not being friends again is 99%.
Trust shouldn’t be betrayed for anything because trust alone is the energy that keeps some people alive and assurance for them living again.

5. Defined relationship and right priorities.

Every relationship should be defined, people shouldn’t go into a relationship only because they love the person, there should be the aim of what to do in a relationship one might want to go into. Although love is essential there is more to do to win his/her heart and give each other hope for the future because if priorities are not set right, the relationship is as good as nothing or dead.

6. Being friendly and patient always.

Every partner in a relationship must be friendly and accommodating i.e they should be nice to each other and be able to play with one another and people around them because no woman will want to marry a man whose face is always hard like that of the soldier on the war front likewise men also.

The patient is always needed in a relationship to keep one another because it’s not every time people make use of their right senses to do the appropriate thing or not just be in the mood, that is the fact, it’s not everybody you see that is perfect. Difficulties may arise but with the use of patient such problem or misunderstanding will be solved.

7. Money

It is true that money is not everything, love is sweet, but it’s sweeter when money is involved, cause it makes love very colourful.

In Conclusion

People shouldn’t long for love alone but should also die for the hope of the future of that relationship because if the purpose of any relationship is unknown or lost to get or figure it out might be difficult.