A sad woman

Gender inequality exists in all parts of the world. it’s more severe and differs in one country than the other. While some countries are trying to include women in all spheres and ways, some countries are still lagging behind.

Women in politics Nigeria
In Nigeria, women’s involvement in politics have increased tremendously. Some women are part of the Nigerian senate. Although very few of them. However, some political positions are strictly for men. For example the presidential position. Recently, a woman contested for the presidential election but she wasn’t taken seriously because she’s a woman. At the end, She also had little or no vote.

At the moment, there’s no woman governor in Nigeria, we have about seven women in the senate. Many feel men make a better politician than a woman and looking at the nature of Nigeria politics, many believe women should not involve in such a dirty game.

According to a twitter statement on international women’s day, she said ‘’ The biggest problem facing women in Nigeria is institutionalized patriarchy. This is particularly apparent in different spheres of living and societal balance such as politics. Regardless of a woman’s education, experience or abilities’’

This twitter post says a lot not only about politics but also in all spheres of life. Culturally beliefs make women automatically deprive women of some positions. For example in a part of Nigeria women are not allowed to join communal meetings, in other parts, there are some places women are not allowed to go or partake in. This to a large extent affects how women are seen or judged in Nigeria. Most people don’t take women seriously, Some believe that instead of wasting their vote for a woman who they believe wouldn’t win, they would rather vote for a man.

Women bias against women
Some would say women are their own problem. Women’s bias against women can not be underestimated. Some women prefer a man leader, A lady in Nigeria said ‘’I prefer a man boss than a woman boss, men don’t have a problem, they won’t stress you and they are understanding’’ This would be the judgement of many Nigerian women

Some women have issues with successful women. For example, a lady once told me a real-life experience of women’s injustice to women.

They were to elect Nysc CDS president, a lady and a guy were contesting for the seat. A religious sect of women rose up that a woman can never be their leader, they did a lot of underground work convincing people to vote for the guy. Eventually, the lady lost to the guy.

The question here is are women not capable enough to lead or make a change? At a party or event, you need to see the look on some women’s faces when they see their husband greeting or discussing with another woman. Some insecure women can even go ahead to embarrass the woman or do something nasty. Why should this happen?

Women achievers in Nigeria
Women are doing well in different spheres of life in all countries of the world. There are some top Nigerian entrepreneurs, innovators and great scientists contributing to humanity.

1. Adenike Akinsemolu: A social entrepreneur and environmental educator
2. Abisoye Ajayi Adefolarin: Founder of Pearl Africa youth foundation
3. Adesua Dozie: Developers and advocate for the empowerment of talents
4. Anita Kouassingan: women empowerment, founder of investing in Women Initiative
5. Audrey Joe- Ezigbo: Author, Entrepreneur, Founder of Barnabas Widow Support Foundation
6. Ire Aderinokun: Frontend developer, Writer, and speaker
7. Ayo Mario Ese: Media personality, speaker, Founder of Praying women Circle, Ambassador at War against Rape initiative
8. Florence Ita Giwa: Politician, Nurse, Philanthropist, Founder Bakkasi Children Foundation
9. Professor Grace Alele William: Scientist, professor, First female professor in a university in Nigeria
10. Deborah Ajakaiye: First woman professor of Physic, lecturer, First black African woman to be named a fellow at the geological society in London

What can be done?
To incorporate women and reduce the bias against women in Nigeria the following should be done

1. Change our mindset about women
It’s a fact that most Nigerian culture celebrates patriarchy and women are seen as weaker vessels. However, things are changing around the world. We have women leader in New Zealand and great women doing great things in all spheres.

Chimamanda Adichie said in her Ted talk on feminism ‘’Culture does not make people, people make culture. if the full humanity of women is not our culture, then we must make it our culture’’

we need to change our attitude and beliefs about women. Gone are the days when women are seen as nothing, women are great influencers and achievers.

2. Women participation in politics
Looking at the statistics of women holding political positions in Nigeria, it’s still low compared to some countries of the world. Hence women should be given more opportunity to participate in politics and their involvement in politics should be improved.

3. Women should learn to support and celebrate themselves
This is an important way to reduce bias against women. So many national issues need the help of women, also, some women related issues are better handled by women than men. Women need to support their fellow women.