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Category: Farming

Farming Made Easy

The most important factors of production in any enterprise are Land, Labour and Capital. On this blog, I will elaborate on these three factors to make farming at low cost possible for my fellow farmers. Let us start with land....

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How to produce Red Palm Oil

Processing of oil must start immediately after harvesting to produce high quality oil. Delay in processing causes build up of free fatty acids (F.F.A) in the oil produced and this reduces the quality of the oil. The higher the...

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How to Produce Palm Kernel Oil

There are two major methods of extracting oil from palm kernel. 1. Solvent extraction. 2. Expeller method For this article, we shall consider the expeller method of extraction. The endocarp of palm fruit is popularly called palm...

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Production of Cassava Starch and Gari

Starch is a common food in Edo and Delta states while Gari is common in the whole of southern Nigeria. The production of the two food items is the same up to a stage. Step 1 Harvest the cassava from farm and carry to the...

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