Coconut oil popularly known as Adiagbon is a unique oil because it has so many functions and can stand the test of time. Coconut oil can be made for personal use or produced for commercial purpose.

Process of coconut oil

Cold Pressed

Cold-pressed coconut oil

Cold-pressed coconut oil is made from coconut flakes that have been dried at a low temperature. This is stronger in flavour compared with other types and is another slightly more fancy and expensive form.

Hot pressed

Hot pressed coconut oil

This is a ‘mechanical extraction process’ that doesn’t use solvent extracts or chemicals. It has a milder taste and a higher smoke point, once again making it a good choice for cooking.

The benefit of Coconut oil
Coconut oil has so many health benefits when you apply it to your hair, skin or consume (oral or cooking). Some of these benefits are:

1. Protects against lice
2. Prevents/treats dandruff
3. Prevents split ends, hair thinning and hair breakage
4. Moisturizes skin
5. Anti-ageing effect
6. Shields against bacterial and fungal infections
7. Prevents/treats eczema, sunburn, psoriasis and boil
8. Promotes weight loss
9. Boosts immune system
10. Prevents gum diseases and tooth decay
11. Reduces inflammation and arthritis
12. Aids digestion.

These are just some of the numerous benefits or use cases for coconut oil.

Would you love to make coconut oil? You can find more information on how to make Coconut oil here .or you love to be an entrepreneur by starting a coconut oil processing business you can find all you need to start.

Where you can buy Adi Agbon in Abuja
Do you want to get coconut oil in Abuja? You can reach out to Tijani Lola, founder Briolette Ventures at Plot 48, El Rufai park Karu Abuja or call this number 08159069031.