Aye Tuntun

Aye Tuntun

Though mans existence alone is truly a strange phenomena, man would always speculate about the very existence of the creator due to the constant events around the world that keeps uprooting more questions than answers. An interesting movie directed by Muyideen S. Ayinde and written by Sharafadeen Olabode. It stars prominent Yoruba actors such as;

• Yomi Fash Lanso
• Bisi Komolafe
•Muyiwa Ademola,
•Dele Odule,
•Moji Afolayan
•Seyi Ashekun

A mystical movie set between the years 1961- 2011. It is a movie based on the line between human science and spirituality. Amubieya played by Yomi Fash is a Lecturer of philosophical science and more of a principled Atheist who doesn’t believe in the existence of the creator. His students constantly fall victim to his atheist principles as they are constantly coerced by him to accept his beliefs. His approach towards spirituality changes when he travels along the Lagos – Ibadan route and experiences a metaphysical life changing journey.

The journey totally changes his life and his initial reasoning of existence and man as a whole. He is taken back in time , a conflicting phenomena which science has insisted time and time again that it is absolutely impossible.

The depiction of the ages past is really fantastic, as the film takes viewers back in time to experience the 60’s. The cross between Yoruba and English language in the movie made it even more interesting to follow-up as a viewer. The subtitles were magnificent ensuring that viewer don’t miss out on any detail.

There were minor but not noticeable imperfections in the movie. The funniest aspect of this movie was the strange beliefs of the culture in the movie at which everything was opposite to normal human behavioral pattern, where people are jubilant at a death and weep at the birth of a baby. The subjects sit while the leader remains standing to address them. Quite a unique movie, very creative. It is a movie worth the money spent.