cheating in a relationship
cheating in a relationship

Women are very sensitive and vulnerable creatures. If a man don’t show them the love they require, they would leave that relationship instantly.

•A woman whose partner doesn’t ever give her the attention she thinks she deserves would definitely leave that relationship as soon as she finds an alternative.

•If she is an Alcoholic or a drug addict, she would be very vulnerable to infidelity. In lots of situations, such a lady has extremely low control for sexual advances from the opposite sex despite the fact that she is already bonded to her partner.

•The party hard girls are well-known to cheat in relationships. They crave more for the bad boy personalities and adventurous party hard males. Such a lady loves to be the center of attention, and loves it when lots of these men admire her by making her feel like she’s on top.

•Women who are addicted to sex will almost always cheat on their partner due to their insatiable sexual impulses. She doesn’t necessarily need to be an absolute sex addict. If her sex drive is greater than her partner’s, the probability she would cheat would be really high.

•Once a cheater always a cheater. If she has cheated before and wasn’t caught or she got away with it, she would cheat again if the habit she has created is not curbed. This also could be if she was forgiven for her past infidelity, she just might decide to do the same again.

•Women who are extremely egotistic and have very low self-esteem. Women who are egotistic tend to be extremely controlling and would be more interested in men they can control. Women who have low self-esteem are very likely to cheat on their partners with men who flatter them a lot.

•If she sees sex as just sex and not making love, she sees the bed as a game house and not just a game for two alone, she would want to play the sex game with others, so as to gain as many points as possible.

•If she had lots of sexual partners or a very active sex life, she might find it very difficult to be faithful to one man when she decides to settle down to a married life, because some women might just never let go of such cravings to have sex with a different man.

If a lady fits into two or more of the above stated points, her tendency to cheat would be very high. That doesn’t necessarily mean that cheating impulses in women cannot be controlled. A woman who is determined not to cheat on her partner would overcome that possibility if she is 100% ready to be faithful.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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