Movie Review - Weekend Get Away

Movie Review – Weekend Get Away

This story is full of interesting thrills written by Emem Isong , directed by Emem Isong and Ini Edo,and Produced by Monalisa Chinda and Ehiagwina.

This story is a combination of prominent stars such as;

•Genevieve Nnaji as April
•Ini Edo as Ogechi
•Ramsey Noah as Mark
•Monalisa Chinda as Yolanda
•Beverly Naya as Angela
•Bobby Obodo as Segun
•Uti Nwachukwu as Mahadi
•Ramsey Nouah as Dr Mark

This movie centers around a group a group of lovers , each having a unique relationship issue, eventually finding themselves coincidentally at a weekend get aways spot called the Le Meridian hotel.

Segun and Angela are having relationship issues, they meet a pastor who is also a marriage counselor. He advices them that they really need to spend quality time together, he recommends that they have a nice time out at Hotel Le Meridian get away spot, where they might just rekindle the love spark ones again.

April on the other hand played by Genievieve , is in need of a date , so a blind date is set up for a meeting with ifeanyi, played by at the same Hotel Le Meridian she is eager to get hooked up with her blind date.

Segun played Bobby Obodo and Angela (Beverly Naya) are married couples with relationship problems they also find themselves at the hotel to see if their relationship can be saved.

Yolanda played by Monalisa Chinda and Andre played by Alex Ekubo are both lovers, but of a unique kind. Yolanda is actually Andre’s sugar mama .They came to Le Meridian hotel to have a nice time out. Ramsey Nouah (Dr Mark)is also found in the movie. He is really in search of some true love but it seems the Hotel is just the wrong spot for love.

Ogechi played by Ini edo , is a worker at the hotel , she works as a house keeper. She daily fantasies about love and romance and seeks some comfort in her romantic novels.

They all clash in the hotel, trying to solve unique relationship issues in their lives. What happens next? Destiny seems to have inter-wined their future together coincidentally.

The stars all undertook their roles with effortless talent. Ini Edo who played Ogechi delivered quiet a stunning act, at a time in the movie, she decided to sneak into Aprils room to try on her dress and also put on her make up just to feel like a unique lady.

Nice movie indeed and a must watch by Nigerian movie lovers.