Double dating in a relationship
Double dating in a relationship

Double dating is a more acceptable term for cheating, when a partner just finds it insatiable to be faithful, and decides to explore the infidelity aspect of a relationship.

During the first instance of double dating, such a partner might think the fun is just getting started and the thrilling effect they get from lying and cheating only make them feel they can never get caught. There are similarities between when an individual is in an open relationship and when a partner decides to double date.

An open relationship is a mutual agreement between partners which enables them to have other partners in their lives.

A double date is when an individual has more than one partner without letting each partner in the relationship know that they are actually in a second party relationship style dating .While majority of individuals see double dating as morally bad, others don’t. People avoid double dating mostly for fear of the risks of having series of sexually transmitted diseases.

A lady who fancies double dating just wants to have a lover which she could refer to as her most important sweet heart, and all others are just for sexual and financial gains. Double dating is the direct opposite of staying faithful. When an individual decides to double date that trust and commitment has been denied of the other partner which could be seen as wrong and deceitful.

Dating two people at the same time would always be problematic, complex and could almost always lead to public humiliation and a disastrous relationship split. Partners who cannot handle dating just one person, should come to an agreement about how they choose to go about their relationship.

If a person suspects his or her partner of double dating, that individual should always learn to be prepared mentally for any kind of surprise that could erupt from their cheating double dating partner.
Before any person decides to double date secretly, try switching lanes and imagine being in the same position of the partner about to be cheated on. Nobody wants to be lied to and cheated.

We all have our preferences and choices in life, but living our choices at the detriment of others is absolutely not a good choice to make in relationships. People who cannot control their double dating impulses, should go into an open relationship.

Sometimes people don’t just double date , they triple date. Humans are not always satisfied, as they like to explore their wild side, or just to gain some kind of financial benefits from such mingling.

Partners should come to a mutual understanding about an open relationship if they cannot be faithful so as to avoid heart-break and break up in a bitter way because sometime there could be grave consequences depending on the metal state of the cheated partner.

Although this issue of double dating is a worldwide relationship epidemic, partners who want to remain in a long-term relationship must learn to control their impulses or quit.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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