The God of War Guide To Checkmating Internet Fraud

The God of War Guide To Checkmating Internet Fraud

By: Uwakwe Ifechukwu Emmanuel. An
Entry for Haba Naija Business StartUp Package Contest.

Internet fraud has been a thorn in the flesh of the country and government alike, and it seems like an epidemic that has no cure whatsoever. From the inception of the internet till date, internet fraud has been one of the major setbacks of a country or one of those ills that colours a country black.

Internet fraud are those crimes or illegal activities that go on, on the Internet, in Nigeria for instance, internet fraud comprises mostly of ‘yahoo yahoo’ which is now becoming a trend or a normal thing to internet users nationwide. This is because you can hardly see where three people gather to browse the internet and one of them is not committing internet fraud.

There is a serious need to check mate internet fraud, because it is becoming a huge misdemeanor in the society. The god of war guide is all about fighting internet crime tooth and nail to see it is well gotten rid of it.

There are many ways internet fraud can be cautioned or even stopped out rightly, and they are as follows:

Firstly, the network service providers should always change their IP address, because most times, hacking and fraud start from decoding the IP address. Service providers like MTN and Etisalat should endeavor to always constantly change their IP addresses.

Secondly, the fire walls should be made to be highly defensive and very uneasy to crack so as to enable the miscreants to be quickly identified before they can be able to breakdown the walls.

Also, nations or countries should try and work hand in hand with other nations and with computer engineers and analysts to make it possible for them to control how users log on to foreign sites, if this is done they can be able to know when browsers log on to insecure sites and can thoroughly scrutinize a site before allowing it to be accessed or opened.

More so, service providers should make the charge for insecure foreign sites much higher than it costs, this way, the miscreants will not find it cheap or economical to browse insecure sites.

Countries in liaison with network providers should be willing to ban some sites at will, Cyber cafes should be able to work with internet security agencies and monitor the movement or users especially at night, to know when a fraudster comes into the cyber cafe, this can be done by monitoring what they browse through a main computer controlled by the cyber owners or operators, or mounting cameras around the cyber.

Lastly, people or citizens should be able to say or report cases of internet frauds if any is discovered. The job of the security of the nation should not be left to the security personnels, service providers or the government alone, the citizens should also be involved.

In conclusion, just like internet fraud didn’t come or creep in at once, we don’t expect it to go at once. It will take time but with much determination and the zeal of the famous god of war, it will surely end.