Who is a sugar mummy?
A sugar mummy can ultimately be defined as an older woman usually between 40 – 60 years of age who dates a much younger man basically for sexual satisfaction in return for her financial and material benefits

The name sugar mummy is indeed a very popular slang among West Africans, especially Nigerian although its is also adopted by the British. Young men who are badly in need of some financial assistance could get himself a sugar mummy if he is willing to satisfy her every need sexually.

Although the “sugar” relationship can also imply to an older man dating a very young lady, such men are also called sugar daddys. it is much more popular with older women dating younger men and such a woman is called Sugar Mummy or Sugar Mama.

Sugar Mummy Phenomenon

Sugar Mummy Phenomenon

Dating an older woman for money used to me quiet controversial in the 1980’s and 1990’s until recently when no one seems to be concerned about anyone’s sexual life and the controversial focus were more on gays. The risk with dating a sugar mummy is the fact that most of these older women demand unprotected sex, they are not fans of condoms and they require no complain from the younger partner because they are actually paying for the services rendered.

What Do Both Parties Benefit?
These younger boys must satisfy their sugar mummys and in return, are rewarded with food and money estimated to be between N6,500 to N10,000 depending on how such sugar mummy wants to get intimate with the younger partner. If she just wants a younger man for the night, the initial stated amount is the regular payment but if she wants a younger man for the keeps and company then the amount such young partners would enjoy is usually exorbitant ranging from N100,000 and above depending on the financial capacity of the sugar mummy.

Sugar mommies also tend to spoil the younger partners with all sorts of gifts, from cell phones to establish communication to clothing to look presentable. Some sugar mummys are over possessive of their younger partners while other are very controlling. Such sugar mummys demand that younger partner satisfy them sexually and also do the domestic house chores since they are the sole financial providers .

Modern Day Trend
The are lots of internet sites specially dedicated to sugar mummy and sugar daddy relationships at which women and men who are older can actually get sexual and mutual with a younger lover and it all depends on individual choices. It’s not a crime but the society still feels uneasy about such relationships especially when the woman is very much older than her partner.

The list of women over 45 keen to date
younger men has leapt 20 per cent in the past year, according to a survey by dating site Parship based on a UK survey.

Lots of older women join dating site and it’s quite surprising how lots of younger guys flock to them despite their age, complimenting them on how beautiful they look prompting them to take one of these younger guys as a date. Most older women who get attention from younger guys find it very flattering and they are actually flattered by such an attention.

What Does The Future Hold?
The probability that sugar mummys and their young partners would end up at the alter and tie the knot is very rare but not impossible despite. Most sugar mummy relationships are always stagnant with no real future. It’s a relationship based on sexual and financial exchange and that’s what makes it so popular. It’s a relationship with benefits.