Top Guest Post Sites in Nigeria
Top Guest Post Sites in Nigeria
Top Guest Post Sites in Nigeria

Guest posting, without a doubt is one of the most effective ways to build links, generate lasting traffic and give your website or blog a boost in search engine ranking. It is the link building of choice, for blogging startups, savvy webmasters and digital marketers.

You would have heard the words guest blogging or guest posting thousands of times, if you read any SEO or digital marketing article. Before we go any further, lets clarify what a guest post or a guest blog is. In a way, the clue is in the name. A guest post, like any “guest” is just passing, does not permanently reside at the place where he, she or it is a guest. You can figure out the post or blog part of the word ang bingo! you know what guest posting is.

Guest posting, in addition to being a temporary guest at a blog or a website, has to be on topic. What does that mean? Let’s use an example. If you see a website or blog inviting guest writers or guest posts, you should look at what the site is about first of all. If it is about Bicycle maintenance. You should not pitch an article about how to gut a fish to such a site. In other words; most guest post invites come with a theme.

12 Top Nigerian Sites and Blogs to Submit a Guest Post to

What led to this article, on the best Nigerian site and blogs to submit your guest posts to, was that team Haba Naija were looking for guest posting opportunities. We searched for opportunities online, most of the list that are currently circulating are out of date.
Those that are not out of date, have stopped accepting guest post. That is why we compiled a new and fresh list, in March 2020 to help Nigerian webmasters looking for sites to submit their guest posts to. Here are 12 of the best guest posting opporutnities we found:

1. Temi’s Blog

Temi’s blog is a digital marketing and business blog. The blog is probably one of the oldest Nigerian blogs online. It accepts guest posts on subjects such as search engine marketing, search engine optimisations, social media marking and a host of other online marketing related contents.
It particularly favour posts and articles that teach people to do things, such as “how to optimise your website for Nigeria related keywords” for example. What Temi’s blogs access and do not accept changes often, the best thing to do is to visit the site and read what he is currently looking for. Temi’s blog’s guest posting guideline is however similar to ours. You can click here to familiarise yourself with the guidelines.

Would you like to submit a guest post to Haba Naija? Find more information about guest posts we are looking for here.

2.Blog Mall Nigeria

This is our favourite site for submitting a guest post, the reason? You get a quick response from the site owner. The genere covered by Blog Mall Nigeria is quite wide. Haba Naija submitted an article on SEO. But we noticed that the platform also accepts contents relating to digital news and digital product reviews. Lifestyle, fashion events and other stuff. But the dominant theme on the site is digital gadgets.

To pitch your guest post to Blog Mall Nigeria, you should visit their site, and read their blog posting guidelines. If they respond to you, as quickly as they replied when Haba Naija contacted then, you should hear from Blog Mall Nigeria within 24 hours.

3. Invoice.NG

Invoice NG is a niche business website. It is not just any old business site, but a super niched one: it specialises in invoicing, for businesses big and small. The website was probably developed by an SEO guru. It is by far the best optimised NigeriaI business website ever. The internally link structure and other on page SEO are secondary to non. That is enough salivation over other site’s SEO success.

How can you submit your guest blog to The site has very high standards. That is one of the reasons the ranked top on Google SERP, for the key phrase Submit Guest Post Nigeria. First of all, you should make sure you are able to write about invoicing, or topics closely related to invoicing or a business. They also accept guest posts on freelancing. . To get started, visit their guest post about business or freelancing page, where you will find more information about guest posting on their site.

4. Nigerian Entrepreneur

Nigerian Entrepreneur or Naija cash, according to the domain name is a blog focused on making money online and small business. Like most blogs in this genre, it also dabble into webmastering and digital marketing, but it’s core focus is small business.
The site has one is probably the clearest guidelines for guest bloggers. All you need to submit your gust blog to the site, including who to email it to can be found on their guest bloggers guidelines page, right here. Naturally, like all good blogs, the subject matter of your guest blog must be within the area the site is focused on.

5. Awazie Ikechi

Personal development guest post welcomed
Personal development guest post welcomed

Awazie Ikechi’s blog, is a personal development blog. It aims to inspire its readers to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of people around them. If you need the right words of encouragement, to achieve that goal you set yourself, you may just find the right words on this blog.

If the guest posting opportunity you are looking for is personal development niche, this is the best Nigerian blog to pitch your article. Of course, you can also submit an inspiration related guest blog. To get started, read the full information and guest posting guidelines, at the guest post section of the blog.

6. Info Guide Nigeria

Info Guide Nigeria is a great website. It has loads of “How to “ type documents, ranging from how to become a lawyer in Nigeria, to how to study to be an engineer in the USA. There is also the odd news on the website. You have a great selection of topics to choose from. Visit the site and explore various topics, you may be able to contribute a guest post to.

Before you go to Info Guide Nigeria to pitch a guest post idea, you should be familiar with their requirements. The most notable requirement is that you must provide an image, when submitting your guest post. To get started with guest posting on Info Nigeria, please visit their guest post submission guidelines page.

7. Nigeria Online Resources Hub

Nigeria online resource hub is a business blog. The site is focuses on small businesses in Nigeria. They seem to do a lot of online training, which could be a topic you write about for them. Out of all the guest posting sites we visited, this is the only site that offers to pay guest bloggers. That is right, they are offering to pay about $5 per article you write for them.

Perhaps this is the only site where you can metaphorically eat your cake and have it, by submitting a guest post and getting paid for it. You need to visit their write for us page, where you will find guidelines for guest posting on the site.

8. Wizy Tech

If you are looking to guest post on a technology blog, WizyTechs could be the site for you. It is a well presented blog, with technology contents. You will find an article on how to clean your windows computer, optimise the browser on your phone and similar stuff.

The site actively invites guest posts, including sponsored posts. The best way to find out if WizyTechs is the site to submit your guest post to, is to visit their guest posting guidelines page.

9. Shelaf Technology

Shelaf is an interesting technology blog. It has detailed articles on all the leading Nigerian mobile gadgets. Article topics include hardware, software SIM cards and service plans. Even if you are not looking for a website to submit your guest post to, this site is worth visiting.

If you are looking for a website to submit your guest post to, Sheleaf could be the right site for you. One major consideration to bear in mind when trying to pitch a guest post to this site, is that it must be technology related. To find out more about how to submit your article to Shelaf, visit their write for us page.

10. Haba Naija information website

If you are writing about others, it is easy to forget that you are part of the group you are writing about. Haba Naija welcomes guest bloggers. As a matter of fact, writing this article is a byproduct of our guest blog post research.
Haba Naija is a magazine type website, focused on often overlooked human story, tutorials on how to do something useful online. Haba Naija also accepts small business and digital marketing related posts. You can find our guest posting guidelines here. We are extremely keep about quality guest posts at the moment, we tend to respond to guest posting enquiries within 6 hours during business hours.

Guest blog submission resources

Here are some useful resources that could help you succeed in your quest for a good guest blogging opportunity.


Anyone one who speaks Yoruba will find the name of this entertainment blog funny; Jaguda means thief in Yoruba. There was nothing about thieving on the site, it was packed full of entertainment and celebrity type gossip and news stories. invites contribution to its website. Guidelines for potential writers and guest bloggers are set out on the contributors guideline page right here.

12. Beautiful Nigeria

The name of this blog is bound to bring a smile to your face: Beautiful Nigeria. It is a lifestyle blog, with many different categories including sections for men, women, entertainment and food. The website actively accepts guest posts. To find out how to submit a guest post to the site, please visit their guest post submission guidelines page.

Do you know that Haba Naija accepts guest posts? Find out more here.

By Haba Naija Admin

Temi Odurinde worked in domain name registration and web hosting industry for many years before becoming a web entrepreneur. He is passionate about web and mobile technologies. Temi contribute mainly to Haba Naija Internet and Technology sections. He has a BSc in Computing and Psychology, a postgraduate degree in Internet Technologies. Outside work, he love Oral Storytelling, long distance running and playing Volleyball.