Guid to  getting your site online in Nigeria

Guid to getting your site online in Nigeria

Do you know that it’s not really difficult as you think to get your site online? I will assume that you only know how to surf through the internet and will give you step by step guide on how you can get your site online.

In Agbowo complex alone there are over fifty web developers and computer gurus that can help you handle your site designing need. Also, there are professional website designers in Molete, Ikolaba, Bodija and many other places ion Ibadan. So, you can follow these steps to get your site online.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a domain name for your site. This is your website’s name, like For you to get a domain name, you have to pay annual fee to register the domain name. But, this does not get your web page online. You need additional steps.

Get a web host and sign up for an account. Look at Web host as a company that has many computers connected to the internet. When you place your web pages on their computers, anybody online will see it.

As soon as you are able to get your domain name and web host, you need to design your website. There are two ways to get this done. You can either hire someone to do it for you or you can design it yourself. Otherwise, just walk into Agbowo complex or inside University of Ibadan or some of the cyber stations in Ibadan and you will get experts who will do a good job for you.

Once you are through with the design of your site, then what remains is testing the site on several browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. It is important that you do this testing throughout the design process.

Once you are sure the site is browser-friendly, you can make plans to let your site get noticed by the world through submission to Google or Bing.