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The task of looking for a good and comfortable house, home, office or apartment is undoubtedly stressful in many States in Nigeria. While a lot of agents and caretakers frustrates house hunters, more frustration comes when one is cajoled to payment for an apartment, property, office or house that are extremely less to one’s expectation.

Truth be told, renting an apartment, property, or office, be it self-contained, Mini-flat, 2-bedroom, or three-bedroom can be a very stressful and frustrating process.

In any case, the crux of the matter is that whether you’re doing this for the first time or not, renting a good house, or apartment in Abuja, Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria is a craft that anyone who finds himself/herself in such a situation needs to be aware of some factors.

1. The Environment or location of the property, house or apartment for lease or rent

One of the most important factors to consider when renting a house or apartment in Abuja, Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria is the environment or location the property is located. How close is the apartment to the major road, can one easily get to town in this location?

2. What sort of people live in the compound?

Ensure you get a brief of the kind of individuals or people that reside in such an environment. The famous quote “so the land so is the people “ applies to this factor. The people and the location of a property or apartment tells a lot about whether the place is a perfect place for you or not. Ensure to make some research yourself and do not rely on the opinion of the agents! Many of them will tell you sweet and inspiring stories just to persuade you to rent the apartment and get their share or percentage

3. How secured is the house or apartment?

Some months ago, a friend got a very nice apartment at a ridiculously cheap price. Even as an agent, I counted him to be very lucky to have gotten such an apartment at a cheap in the metropolis of Abuja.

Alas! we were so wrong, it appears that the reason my friend got the apartment for that cheap price was due to the high level of insecurity in the area. The exact house had been raided countless times, hence it scares a lot of people away from renting the house.

4. How often do people pay their electricity bill?

One of the major things that bring huge problems and headache after renting a house or apartment in Lagos, Abuja, or anywhere in Nigeria is the electricity bill. Therefore, when renting an apartment, ensure to confirm if the house has not accumulated huge electricity debts before finalising your agreement with the agent.

5. Cross Ventilation

This is very important when renting an apartment in Lagos, Abuja or anywhere in Nigeria. An apartment without cross-ventilation is like a prison yard. These ensure that an apartment has a minimum of two windows before thinking of reaching an agreement on renting the house.

6. Pollution

Never be tempted to rent a house or an apartment that are prone to noise pollution. Avoid apartments, houses, office that are close to mosques churches, Markets, factories, or farms.

Not only that such centres create frustrating noise and unethical smells, but its effects on health can be massive.

7. Flood

One of the things faced by tenants during the raining season is floods. Therefore, the best time to search for a house or rent a good apartment in most strategic areas of Lagos or Abuja is during the raining season. This period helps you notice if the environment is erosion free.

Therefore check watermarks in the building usually cause by erosion during raining season. This is because in most cases, property owner cover watermarks with paint after erosion.

8. Soakaway smell and efficient waste channel

When renting a house or an apartment in Lagos, Abuja or Nigeria, ensure that the apartment is not located close to the waist chamber or soakaway.

This is because a lot of soakaway in Abuja, Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria are not properly built and could eventually collapse. Therefore causing smell pollution.

If your apartment is located very close to the soakaway, you would have to deal with foil smell till you gather another money to move from such places.

9. Read and understand the terms and condition of the agreement before finalising payment.

Ensure you read and understand the entire nature of the terms and condition of the agreement drafted by the landlord or caretaker of the house or apartment before you sign. Ask a question on what you seem not to understand the agreement.

10. Network

Yes, it is good to live in a beautiful house or apartment, but what is the point of living in a tushed house or apartment when one cannot connect to the world through the internet. In recent years, a good network is the source of life. Therefore, ensure to the apartment or house has a very good network.

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