No Sex Before Marriage Makes A Better Relationship

No Sex Before Marriage Makes A Better Relationship

On a more direct term, no sex before marriage is advantageous. Although our bodies are designed to explore and lust over the opposite sex, there are lots of social , health , emotional and ethical advantages when one decides to abstain from having sexual relations before marriage.

The tradition of a first time wedding night sex has been totally regarded as outdated if both parties involved have never had sex. Most religion of the world encourage abstinence. Relationships, social and human evolutionary lifestyle still creates pressure on individuals due to the fast and constant evolution of the world.

Relationships are never as they used to be. Women can no longer make a purity pledge of chastity before marriage due to a lot of peer group factors. Men on the other hand do not make matters easier as the modern man believes that sex is a natural course of action in every relationship and a man must know how capable a woman is sexually before having her as a wife.

Virgin marriage as some may call it has lost its mark among the younger generation due to growing pressure to have sex and impress their peers or keep their boyfriend so as to prevent such men from going off to a woman who is willing to offer him the much-needed sex.

•Why Should Sex Wait?
A relationship that usually involves sex is very binding emotionally and could lead to a psychological trauma when there is a break up. A relationship that did not involve sex is easier to get over.

There is a risk of having unwanted children and this could devour plans of both parties concerning their individual future. The risk of having dangerous abortion is not so far away which could endanger the life of such a lady involved and automatic death for the unborn child.

Premarital sex could expose an individual to multiple sexual partners ,if control is not applied when having sex. Some individuals , mostly women are actually deluded to thinking that sex is a means of getting true love and so they offer sex to any man who proposes their love for them.

Sexually transmitted diseases in this modern age are mainly caused by premarital sex which is also caused by having multiple sexual partners.
Researchers have also discovered that 80% of infertility that occur among couples are caused by premarital sex which is usually due the transfer of venereal diseases that have no symptom contracted before marriage.

With all this various points a better advice would be to wait so as not to be a victim of psychological and emotional trauma of relationships and venereal also a victim of diseases.

People say “it’s just sex” because the subject is on every lips nowadays and it is almost gaining acceptance unlike when the word sex was talked about behind closed doors. People now see the pleasure of sex as a pure game of fantasy and lusty satisfaction and should not be attached to love or marriage in any way.

Virgins are mocked as inexperienced rather than valued in the society. most men do not like having relationships with virgins or women who want to abstain until marriage because they view them as a locked jug of water in the desert.

Socially, having sex before marriage is far more favored and accepted and people don’t seem to care about contacting venereal diseases as they are mostly ruled by their desires.