If you own a D800, D800E, D7000, or V1, lookout, because Nikon have discovered a afety issue concerning EN-EL15 rechargable batteries overheating, and deforming and damaging the cameras outer casing*. No consumers have been injured, but this could occur in a more serious case.

Anybody who has one of the conforming Nikon D-camera whose batteryhas a ninth serial digit of ”F” or ”E” is being offered a replacement. Nikons Service Advisory provides more details, and details on how to claim your free** replacement.

*At time of writing, only 7 cases confirmed worldwide.

**Batteries are only eligible if the 9th digit of the 14 digit serial code is ”F” or ”E”. No other batteries are being recalled, and no other Nikon batteries have been reported as potentially hazardous.