Work out and have beautiful hair

Work out and have beautiful hair

If you take a quick look around at some of your closest friends and family members, it is very apparent that some of them could really use an exercise program to get into shape. You hear it everywhere that you go, and the message is very loud and clear, if you want to look good, stay young, and feel healthy you have to exercise on a regular basis. There is no one that will deny that they feel better when they are more physically active, and women of color that have lost a large amount of weight will tell you that they have a lot more energy and feel years younger since they have dropped the extra pounds. Everyone loves to give black women advice on how they should care for their bodies, but few have addressed one of the most important questions that a black woman has before embarking on an exercise routine. What should she do to her hair before, during, and after exercise? This is a real issue that every woman of color deals with and some women really have a difficult time deciding whether or not they should exercise or keep their hairstyle.

A good cardio workout will cause your scalp to sweat, and as a result, your hair may become frizzy, dry, or smelly. Some women choose to avoid the negative consequences of exercise and refuse to incorporate physical activity into their lifestyle.

Why Do You Need To Sweat?

Do you know how your body feels after sweat has evaporated from your skin? Your body has an uncomfortable sticky feeling, and you usually take a shower as soon as you can. Well, the same thing occurs on your scalp. Some women work out and shower their bodies, but they do not wash their hair and scalp. The lingering sweat and salt on the scalp causes the scalp to dehydrate. The longer you wait to shampoo your hair between exercise sessions, the dirtier your hair and scalp will become. There are several things that can happen to the hair and scalp when you allow dirt and sweat to linger.

Your scalp is similar to the skin on the rest of your body. It is important that you cleanse your scalp on a regular basis so the hair follicles will not become blocked with pollutants. A clean scalp will encourage hair growth, and reduce the amount of scalp dehydration and hair breakage that you will have.

Easy Things You Can Do After You Work Out

If you really want to keep your hair looking nice and neat after working out, you will need to create a simple regimen that you can do while you are taking a shower. Once you have finished taking your shower, your entire body will be clean.

Cleanse Your Hair in the Shower

  • Rinse your hair, and then rinse your body.
  • Shampoo your hair, and wash your body.
  • Then rinse your hair and body.
  • You can apply conditioner while you attend to your other bathing needs.
  • Then rinse one more time.

A Quick Hairstyle

Some women find that it is difficult to maintain relaxed hair while they are on a vigorous cardio program. So you may choose to cut your hair, or apply weaves or braids so you are able to maintain your hairstyle with little effort.