Nigerian football

Nigerian football

Article 1.1 – Title, Name, And Trophy

1.1(1) The Competition shall be called “THE NIGERIA PREMIER LEAGUE or any other name as may be decided by the NPL, by virtue of the title sponsorship.

1.1(2) The trophy of the League shall be sponsored and remain the property of the Nigeria Premier League.

1.1(3) The trophy shall be awarded to the club duly declared winner by the Nigeria Premier League.

1.1(4) The trophy must be returned to the Nigeria Premier League sixty {60} days before the last matches of the season.

1.1(5) Failure to do so shall attract a fine of One Million Naira {N1, 000,000.00} Only in addition, to any other penalty as may be determined by the NPL.

Article: 1.2 – Form And Organisation

1.2(1) The Nigeria Premier League shall organize the competition, which shall be known and called 2012/2013 NIGERIA PREMIER LEAGUE.

1.2(2) The Premier League shall consist of 20 clubs.

1.2(3) All League matches shall be played on home and away basis and in accordance with FIFA/CAF regulations, and the rules and regulations of NPL.

1.2(4) The NPL shall draw and circulate league fixtures. It shall be unlawful for any person or group of persons to print or circulate or sell unauthorized fixtures.

1.2(5) The last five (5) weeks of the fixtures (not the pairings) may be adjusted at the discretion of the Nigerian Premier League to avoid clubs in the same state, zone or the entire country going into agreement or compromise that could bring the game to disrepute.

Article 1.3 – Relegation And CAF Competitions

1.3(1) The last four (4) clubs in the Premier league at the end of the league season shall be relegated to the Nigeria National League.

1.3(2) The two (2) top clubs in the Premier League at the end of the league season shall represent Nigeria in the CAF Champions League while the third 3rd placed club shall represent Nigeria in the CAF Confederation Cup Competition.

1.3(4) – Mid-Season Match

A match shall be organized during the mid-season break between the League Leader at that moment and a selected side which shall be named Team NPL. NPL reserves the right to choose the venue for the match. Where the League Leader will not be available for the match, the second placed team at that moment will take it’s place.

1.3(5) Super-Four – At the end of the league season and before the commencement of another season the NPL shall organize a Super Four competitions involving the first four {4} teams on the league table. Venue shall be decided by the NPL.