Nigeria is no doubt one of africas multi ethnic nation with deep cultural heritage which reflects our tradition and core values. this however is expressed in diverse ways cutting across various means of arts and entertainment such as music,dance and drama. but dance remains as one of the art that has evolved for generations,with different dance styles from diverse tradition such as the Atilogu dance andBata dance,which are taken from the ibo and yoruba tribe respectively. but in recent years we have seen dance steps fused with cotemproray and traditional techniques to create an ensemble.between 1993 and 2013 we have witnessed the emergence of many contemproary dance steps such as Galala,Swo,Konto,Makosa,yahoozee, and Alanta, in 2012 two new dance steps where once more introduced to Nigerians
Namely “Etighi and Azonto from our fellow west african country Ghana. The Etighi dance is a traditional dance coined out from the Akwa ibom and cross river dance culture and today the dance has gone global, in the space of one year the Ethigi fever has swept round Nigeria and other parts of Africa.this dance step has one bending in a clownish way from one side of your body to the other,and its a dance step that is loved by both the young and old while the Azonto dance is gotten from the ghanians and today its an internationally recognised dance with strong dominance in Nigeria allthough there is a school of taught that believes ghanians invented it while Nigerians modified and made it popular as the likes of Psquare has recreated the Azonto dance and now call it Alingo
Dance today has also become a high income earner for many young guys and girls even goin far as taking up a dance carrier or proffession while various dance reality shows are springing up to encourage the dance industry.
We at Haba Naija will like u to drop a coment on what dance is your favourite                                                                                                                                                                                          kate-henshaw