Makeup Bag Essentials for the New Year

Makeup Bag Essentials for the New Year

With the New Year quickly approaching, a lot of women are deciding to get rid of the old things, and starting off with the new. This also includes the current products in their makeup bags.

There are some items that women absolutely cannot be without in their makeup bags. They know what it takes so they can look picture perfect, and they refuse to deviate from these products. So, here are some of the basic items that should be included in your bag for daily makeup preparation.

Get a Decent Foundation

You do not have to spend a lot of money in order to get a good foundation. There are several brands that you can get from local stores that are good quality products. Some of the brands that most Nigerian women and women of color use are: Black Opal, Fashion Fair, Cover Girl Queen Collection, and Iman’s Foundation for Women of Color.

Have a Dependable Eyeliner Pencil

It is best to switch out eyeliner pencils every few months to reduce the number of bacteria growth. So, buy at least 2 black eyeliner pencils, and 2 brown eyeliner pencils.

Have a Variety of Lip gloss

A lot of women prefer to wear lip gloss rather than lipstick. If you love the glossy shine that you get from lip gloss, keep a few different colors in your makeup bag. This will allow you to create combinations of the glosses, or you can wear them solo to change your daily looks.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Color

You should experiment with some different colors that will compliment your skin tone. Rose or russet colored blushes will give your face a healthy looking glow.

Remember to Add the Mascara

There is also no need to spend an outrageous amount of money on mascara. Maybelline has a great line of mascara. Their Great Lash brand of mascara is basic mascara, but it is a quality product.

Concealer Hides the Imperfections

If you are not receiving a quality amount of sleep, your face will definitely let the world know. You do not have to show the dark circles under your eyes to anyone, you can cover them with concealer. This is a miracle product that will help eliminate any skin imperfections you are dealing with. It does exactly what the name says it will do, conceal. So, if you have hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne scars, or anything you would like to cover on your face, a light concealer will make you look runway perfect.

HD Powder Is a Must for Your Makeup Bag

Have you ever wondered why celebrities all have such flawless skin? Some of it may have to do with genetics or the lighting, but a lot of them are thanking HD powder. Dermablend has created a great one for women of color called, Loose Professional Setting Powder. You place this powder on top of your foundation to help keep it in place, and to give your skin the appearance of extra softness. It helps to reduce the signs of aging like wrinkles and deep facial lines.

These are the minimum products you should have in your makeup arsenal for the New Year. You can find most of these products in major retail stores or online.