How to wear your weaves elegantly

How to wear your weaves elegantly

There may be many reasons why you are considering adding weave to your hair. Some women may be dealing with various medical issues that are causing their hair to break or shed. Other women just choose to wear weave as a way of changing their everyday looks. Whatever your reasons may be, you should make sure you buy a type of weave that will allow you to wear the weave elegantly. It should also be worn in styles that will boost your self-confidence. There are several methods you can choose from to install weave into your hair. The way that you choose to install the weave is dependent on how much money you are willing to spend.

Using Weft Hair for Weave Extensions

If you are new to buying weave, you need to know what you are looking at when you are viewing the hair for the first time. Hair extensions are can be packaged in two ways. You can buy them as strands, or you can buy them as wefts. A weft is simply hair extensions that are bound together at the top, and then are free flowing further down the hair strands. The reason they are sold this way is because it is easier for a stylist to sew the extensions into the natural hair.

Before the extensions can be sewn into the hair, the natural hair must be braided. After the hair has been braided into cornrows, the extensions are then sewn into the natural hair with a needle and some thread. The reason the natural hair is braided is because this process will allow the natural hair to continue to grow from the scalp. You can continue to maintain your natural hair even while wearing a sew-in weave. As a matter of fact, you can experience natural hair loss if you fail to properly care for your natural hair while wearing a weave. You can wear the weave as long as you want to, but you will need your weave maintained by a professional stylist every few months so that it will remain elegant.

Using Strand Hair for Weave Extensions

You can decide that you would rather use strand extensions to achieve the perfect weaved hair that you are seeking. It is important to note that your natural hair will not be able to grow while you are wearing these types of extensions. This is because the methods that you are using to apply the hair will hinder hair growth. You can choose three different methods to bond the weave to your natural hair. You can choose to use hair glue, heat fusing, or wax. These methods will make your weave hair look great, but it will be extremely damaging to your natural hair. You will have to apply one of these methods to your hair, and then bond the weave to your hair. This is a cheaper and quicker alternative, but it can be costly in the end due to the repairs you will have to make on your natural hair.

Weaves can be worn elegantly, but special care must be given to your natural hair so it can continue to thrive and grow.