For the fact that the passport is the only universally accepted identification document, it’s important that all citizens possess the Nigerian Passport either in readiness for an intended travel outside the Country or as proof to show that he/she is a bonafide citizen of Nigeria.

Aside the fact that the passport identifies you as a Nigeria nationality, it also gives you the full right to return to Nigeria from any part of the world. 

Now knowing the importance, it’s important to keep it safe at all times, but what do you do when it gets stolen or missing? Here is how it can be replaced.

First of all, you would only be able to replace your passport at the immigration office in Abuja, Nigeria.

Then, you write a Letter to the High Commissioner stating the circumstances of loss of passport,

Submission of one copy of form C1,

Submission of photocopy of the data page of Passport. One copy of Guarantor’s Form (P.21) duly Sworn before the Commissioner for Oaths at the Nigeria High Commission,

Submission of a Police Report clearly stating loss of the Nigerian Passport,

Submission of Birth Certificate or Sworn Declaration of Age duly signed by Commissioner for Oaths of Nigeria High Commission,

Submission of a Sworn Declaration of the loss of Passport signed by the Commissioner for Oaths of the Nigeria High Commission,

Submission of two studio-taken passport photographs (one of which must be endorsed on the reverse side by the Recommender who must also be a Nigerian),

Documentary proof of profession (Letter from Employer or P60),

Payment of £100 processing fee on the date of interview in Postal Order made payable to the Nigeria High Commission London,

Click here to download requirements and form

Production of proof of applicant’s residence status i.e. letter from the Home Office showing evidence of stay in UK,

Proof of applicant Address in UK i.e. 2 utility bills (e.g. Gas, Electricity) or Bank Statement

Letter from the academic institution (Students only).

If you satisfy the requirements, Click here »» to apply for e-Passport and come on the interview date printed on the “PAYMENT CONFIRMED” slip”

Payments are non refundable, submissions should be made in duplicates and after you submit your application at the counter for re-issuing of lost passport, you would be required to also submit in person for the personal interview, and make sure your guarantor is a reputable Nigerian with good knowledge of the applicant.