How to obtain a Nigerian Passport

How to obtain a Nigerian Passport in Benin

Obtaining a Nigerian passport is easy, but as we all know about the Nigerian factor, the way people get theirs could differ, but am going to give out the due process on how to get a Nigerian passport.

The first thing you need to do is go to the nearest immigration office closest to you, when you get there just tell them you want a Nigerian passport, then they would give you a form to fill in your details, after that is done you are then taken to a computer room which your passport would be taken and uploaded online and your thumb print also taken.

Sometimes you may be asked to pay for the form which you put in your details, it depends on the person attending to you or how they do things in that particular immigration office.

After your done with the computer work, your then given a certain amount to pay, and then told when to come collect your passport, now this amount could differ from each other due to the “Nigerian factor” i particularly know of someone who paid N15,000 and got her passport that same day, this was because she was well connected, some pay up to N100,000 and have to come back like 2 weeks later to pick up their passport.

The basis of getting a Nigerian passport, is purely money or connection, if you have both you would get your passport like you went to buy a newspaper.