Honey ginger and lemon drink recipe

Honey ginger and lemon drink recipe

By Abbey Longe
Feeling chilly already, about to catch a cold or perhaps you have a cough? You might even just be feeling like you just need something to warm you up. Let’s try something different before you grab your medicated decongestants. I discovered something natural, soothing and refreshing … it’s called GINGER. Yes, ginger it is! You can also use it to spice up your meal … watch this space for “how-to”. When you get home from a cold wintry nigh, you know the feeling, you just want to get a hot cuppa. Well, why not give ginger a try. My Naija peeps, give the hot chocolate drink a break, try ginger tea with all its benefits.

Now, let’s do the ginger cold and cough relief concoction!

I whole ginger
Lemon (optional)

Spicy taste
Peel the ginger
Slice into slim/medium size
Put in a pot
Pour 2.5 cups of water in it
Boil on medium heat for about 25-30mins
Take out the ginger
Stir in 1 tablespoon of honey to taste
Squeeze in half a lemon (optional)
Sip and enjoy your home-made ginger tea
Be warned – it’s very spicy

To take-away to work
Leave it to cool for about 20 mins
It will fill an empty 340gm honey jar or 340ml bottle

Medium taste
If you don’t want it too spicy
Use half a ginger and boil for 10-15mins
Use 1.5 cups of water
Half a tablespoon of honey
Quarter of a lemon

Clears cold and cough
Helps you empty your bowels easily:)
Warms you up – handy to have a stock of ginger especially in Winter.