How to Find a Hair Regimen That Will Grow Your Natural Black Hair

How to Find a Hair Regimen That Will Grow Your Natural Black Hair

The world loves to give instant gratification to people. There are computers that give instant information on any subject; there are transportation options that allow travel at a much faster rate. There are even microwaves that can cook entire meals in less than ten minutes. So, when black women learn that their natural hair only grows about 6 inches every year, they begin to look for faster ways to get more growth for our natural locks. There are many products on the market that promises to speed this time up for them, and they bombard black women with advertisements for oils, pills, pomades, and potions. These products really have little effect on how fast the hair grows, and once this is realized, there is another disappointment.

Create a Hair Regimen Plan

The first thing you want to do when you decide to embark on a hair journey is to figure out what your specific hair growth goals are. You will need to decide what you are planning to do every week, month, and year in order to meet your goals. There should be two things you consider before finalizing your regimen. Your regimen should coincide with your hair type and the current condition of your hair.
How to Find a Hair Regimen That Grows Nigerian Natural Black Hair

Find the Things That Work

You should remember that not all products work well for everyone. Even within the African community, you will find that certain people’s hair respond better than others. You will probably go through a lot of products while you are following your regimen. Some products will work better than others. The ones that do not work should be discarded from your regimen and new products should be added. You should also notice how your natural hair behaves during the different seasons of the year. A tweak in your regimen may be necessary depending on how warm or cold the weather is.

Make a Plan and Work the Plan

The most important step when creating a hair regimen is sticking to the plan. There will be days when you do not feel like dealing with your hair. You may work late, wake up late, or have a busy schedule. Remember that black hair tends to be very dry, and it can break easily. Following a regimen faithfully for a few months, and then stopping, can create a huge set back and all the hard months of hair care will be wasted. Make sure the goals that you create for your natural hair growth is something that you can approach diligently even with your lifestyle. Do not make a regimen that says you will wash your hair three times a week when you know that is not possible.

Natural black hair can be healthy and long if there is a direct and faithful attempt to care for it properly. A healthy regimen can help you grow your hair longer than you could ever imagine. Create a plan that works for you, and then implement it so you can have the hair of your dreams.