Growing old gracefully
Growing old gracefully

If you ask my personal opinion, I do not think death will be remembered just the way we do not remember the day of our birth. I just think all we would remember or are obliged to remember is the time spent on earth as the clock ticks time away.

The word I guess that must have just fallen through your mind is “Time”. What is time?
Time is virtual. An unreal creation of man designed to calculate life spent . Existence is just a void of empty space and man created time to add value to his existence.

Let’s not get philosophical right now and deal with the real issue here. The issue of aging and that’s very real. Aging is an actual proof of mans limitations and expiry. Despite this some humans through time past have declared themselves demigods and immortals but have only been able to immortalize their names alone and not the body.

As we move through the aging process, there are physical and psychological changes we unavoidably go through till be approach the end.

If you look at this issue much closer, you will find out that there seem to be some natural injustice as women seem to be on constant struggle with ageing and men seem to always look better with age.

As we grow older this physical changes are slow but definitely takes place as we notice graying of the hair, loss of body and facial fat, loss of bone mass, mental activities are not as sharp as the times past, wrinkles are common in the laugh lines and several other obvious attributes.

During this process, fear and depression could set in as the society see people who have arrived at this stage as fragile and are much more vulnerable to disease which could mean partial or absolute dependence in someone else.

What people do not see is the resolute wisdom and knowledge accumulated over the years, maturity toward the view on the issues of life. Aging should be seen as an achievement rather than life’s detriment.

If you look at the world today, death has always been random, never straight forward and never honest. Statistics on death rate and life expectancy are next to meaningless. Anybody can be gone at anytime. A baby in the mother’s womb yet unborn is capable of dying, the young, the healthy, the sick, the sports man, and the old.

Old folks should never get discouraged, but rather hype yourselves for you have accomplished. The clock will tick anyway but not all humans will even be privileged to get old. Nobody grows old just by living a number of years, we grow old by deserting our ideals.

Years would wrinkle the skin but lack of idealistic principles and maturity will definitely wrinkle the soul.

When an individual age gracefully, that individual has conquered all limitations that they have been tested with through life. They do not pretend to be younger nor do they pretend to be super human. They are merely going through an irreversible process of life.

The aging process is natural. It is a part of who and what we are. Despite all this, there a few ways of keeping ourselves in proper order as we go through the aging process. they are;

-Always eat healthy

-Always be available for regular medical checkups which are quiet important in detecting diseases in their early stages.

-Embrace good relationship with yourself and others.

-Exercise regularly to keep your body active and functional

-Create a healthy social life for yourself and draw closer to family and friends.

The body will always lagg but with constant discipline,the mind will always be strong enough to help the body overcome the psychological effects of aging.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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