Good Health

Good Health

Health Insurance is a type of cover that takes care of the medical or surgical expenses incurred by an insured individual. Recently in America, President Barack Obama made it mandatory for everyone to have health insurance. In the UK and Canada, health insurance is seen as a human right, just like education.

Depending on ones preference, the insured person could chose to pay for all the expenses incurred and later get reimbursed buy the insurance company. Or the insurance company could also make payment for expenses incurred directly to the health care provider.

Two Main Categories Of Health Insurance

1. Private Health Insurance:

This is when the individual chooses to use a private hospital as he’s or her care provider. It’s been said in the past that America is heavily reliant on this form of health insurance.

2. Public Health Insurance:

This is when the state is the health care provider, but premiums must be collected. Although the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK provides free health care, but this is not a type of health insurance.

Health Insurance Fraud

Health insurance fraud happen without the patient even knowing, in the form of doctors who overcharge the insurance company for procedures, order unnecessary tests for the patient and then billing the insurance company or just billing the company for procedures and tests that never happened.

How Insurance Fraud Can Be Prevented

* Be more curious, if your Doctor suddenly recommends any new experiment or procedure that seem unusual to you.

* Ask your Doctor questions to make sure the treatment he recommended is necessary.

* Always review your bills the EOB (Explanation Of Benefit) statement from your insurance company, to make sure you were not being charged for services you didn’t receive.