Fuji Musician of tomorrow?

Fuji Musician of tomorrow?

Fuji music is a very popular branded Nigerian genre of music which has survived the test of time in the Nigerian and African music industry. This music originates from the Ajisari/Were music, made very popular by Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister a well known advocate for Nigerian traditional music.

Were music or Ajisare popularly called Ajiwere for short, was wildly popular among the lagos muslim communities before it became accepted as a major standard Nigerian genre of music.

The name Ajiwere music was transformed to Fuji music through a funny tale told by the originator Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister who came up with the name when I saw a poster at an airport, advertising the Mount Fuji, which is the highest peak in Japan.” Fuji, in this context, should not be mistaken for the Yoruba word “fuja,” or “faaji,” which means leisure or enjoyment. This music rocked Lagos in the 90’s and is still rocking Lagos but it has been well modified to fit into the growing trend of modern music.

During the 1970’s to 1980’s , there were lots of prominent fuji musicians who promoted the art of Fuji music while some musicians were even successful enough to take their blend of Fuji music to an international level. Such musicians were Saura Alhaji, Bokote, Love Azeez, Agbada Owo who even experimented his own blend of Fuji music with the guitar and a lot more very prominent musicians.

Although Fuji music took a downward slide during the mid 2000’s , Nigerian Fuji musicians have refused to let the music become extinct as prominent musicians have decided to refresh and modify fuji to fit modern fans of Fuji music at which the youths take the majority of population. Modern Fuji musicians like Shina Akanni, Pasuma Wonder, Otunba Wasiu Alabi, Taiye Currency, Igwe Remi Aluko, Muyi Alabi Thunder and a lot more are still keeping the music alive in Nigeria.

The Future Of Fuji Music
Younger Artist have looked upon Fuji as the founding musical art that gave birth to the new Nigerian kind of Afro Hip Hop. Artistes like Dammy Krane also blends his music with Fuji flavor. Younger Fuji musicians still dominating the music scene are; Muri Ikoko, Global T and Wasiu container.

Some old breed Fuji musicians who rocked the 90’s , but still dominating modern Fuji music are KWAM1
or K1 de Ultimate.

The future of Fuji music is still very bright unlike their brother Nigerian genres like Afro beat and High life music which might suffer extinction on coming decades if nothing is done to avoid it.