Endless Lies
Endless Lies

This movie was directed by Reginald Ebere , written by Emeka Ani and stars well-known Nollywood actors and actresses such as:
•Desmond Elliot
•Caroline Ekanem
•Hank Anuku
•Ngozi Ezeonu
•Uche Jumbo

This movie depicts the reality of street life and the dangers of those who are exposed to such a life. The story surrounds the life of a young lady Erika , played by Caroline Ekanem. She saw the life of the streets as fun and full of thrills until circumstances hit her so bad, she is forced to survive and fend for herself from the street she once saw as fun.

Bone played by Desmond Elliot is a bad boy and a pimp. He recruits Erika and becomes her pimp. The teaches her to be deceitful and steal from men to support both of them . Bone also has a drug addiction issues that Erika has to satisfy by making sure she steal enough money from her male victims. Such a life never always end up happily ever after, as Erika find herself in a well of trouble with someone she has deceived in the past who catches up with her.

Nice to see Desmond Elliot take up a completely different role with is bad boy wannabe character. It gives him a new perspective to diversify his acting skills. His change of roles actually made the movie really interesting to watch.

A nice story line . All the characters in the movie exhibited their roles beautifully. Although the technical crews still has a lot of work to be done in terms of sound and picture quality of Nollywood movies. Overall, the movie is absolutely not regrettable to watch and it can rated 3 from 5.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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