VisaAfter you complete your visa application forms, you would be required go send some additional documents, some letters, and some original documents, as failure to do so will lead to your application being delayed or being denied totally. And only documents that do not have any security authentication mark would you be allowed to present the photocopy.

Here are some of the documents you would be required to present to have a good chance of your visa application to be granted.

1. Invitation letter or accommodation details from the country you intend to visit;

2. (If on invitation by an individual,) a copy of the bio-data page of the passport of the person inviting you.

3. Your national passport or travel document with at least 6 months to expiration;

4. (If you are an alien resident in the country that you are applying from,) evidence of permission to remain in the country: ie, a residence permit or an appropriate long-term visa;

5. Proof of address: utility bills are valid proofs

6. Passport sized colour photographs, not more than 6 months old;

7. (If employed,) a letter from your employer granting leave of absence from your job for a specified period. The letter should also say how long you have been employed by that employer, in what job(s) and should indicate when you are expected back at work:
Note, you must be at least one year in your employment;

8. (If sent or sponsored by your employer,) the evidence letter to this effect; expected to demonstrate the reasons and benefits for sponsoring you;

9. (If sent or sponsored by your employer,) the company’s financial statement with evidence of fund availability for your own use;

10. (If self-employed,) evidence of your business activities and financial standing.
Note, you must be running the company for at least one year;

11. (If self employed or if applicable to you as an employee,) your tax clearance certificate to show your tax compliance level and also your income;

12. (If a student,) a letter from your school stating what course you are on, its start and finish dates and the dates of the holiday period during which you intend to travel abroad;
Note: if you are not working you should include financial documents of the person who is supporting you; if someone else is paying for your trip, You would be expected to explain why you are being sponsored and to demonstrate how your sponsor will benefit from your trip.

13. (If applicable,) evidence of any property you own in your home country (if applicable)
Note: the property is expected to represent anything that could be considered a tie; such property may not be an isolated land or building that are not deemed to be taking more of your responsibilities: it is different if you own (let’s say) business property that requires your obligatory management;

14. Details of any firm travel plans that you have made, ie itinerary:
Warning! Do not book a flight because, you will forfeit your money if your visa is refused. Itinerary does not only mean flight ticket, it means travel plans which are, the preparations that you have put in place: such could be site seeing or tour guide arrangements, or onward flight tickets if applying for a transit or stopover visa;

15. Bank statements showing up to six months transaction details, must show sources of income:
Warning! Avoid vast Money Lodgement (especially if it makes the majority of your finance), you will be refused without question.

16. (If applicable,) evidence of any income from other sources e.g. friends, family, savings, property etc

17. (If applicable and/or if the purpose of the trip has got something to do with family,) Evidence of family relationship and marital status i.e Birth Certificate and/or Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate (of spouse)

18. (If applying to join a spouse,) Evidence of relationship and communications or correspondences with your spouse: i.e telephone details; emails; posts or/and photos of both of you together.

19. (If applying to join a spouse or family,) Birth certificate or Age Declaration document

20. It is very important to be able to show Ties or Obligations to return to.
Note: Although, family or social ties and responsibilities are recommended, but logically, family ties aren’t considered as strong as other ties because, there are vast cases of seekers involving in immigration fights to bring their family to join them, but yet, the magnitude of the family may be considered

21. (If an undisclosed ex-convict) The official record of any conviction(s), detailing the crime(s) you were convicted of and the sentence(s) you received.

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