Contributor Guidelines

Contributor Guidelines for Haba Naija

Thank you so much for considering contributing to Haba Naija, we will very much love to use your content. Here are just a few guidelines, so that you know the style we are looking for, the style of writing we like and what may or may not be done with contents you contribute to Haba Naija.

Original content only please. We are not keen on content used elsewhere. Please submit work that is original and naturally, written by you.
Writing voice and tone. Unless what you are writing about is a very personal account, we prefer that you write in the third person. In a friendly tone that takes the audience along.
Word count. We prefer that any article submitted for us should contain a minimum of 800 words.
Listing can be fun! We love lists at the end of your article. For example, If you write about Lagos markets. Write a list of 5 Fun things about Lagos market, after the main article.

The following will automatically make you our favourite writer

  • Good social media presence. Sharing your contribution on your social media as well as your friends will get you work on Haba noticed even more, we love that.
  • Use your smartphone camera! A picture tells a thousand words. An original photo, taken by you tells a much better story than a stock phone used by hundreds of other sites. If you can provide use unique photos with your article, awesome!

House writing style

  • We do not like writing titles ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS
  • We are not sure Capitalising The First Letter Of Every Word Is A Good Idea Either.

Posting and article contributed to Haba Naija on your site

You may post and article you contributed to Haba Naija on your own blog or site ONLY:
– After the article has been on Haba Naija for 4 weeks
– You should not post the full article, please post part of it, and provide a link to the original article on Haba Naija.