Christmas in Nigeria

Christmas in Nigeria

December 25th every year, is widely celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ, who is the son of God, but no one actually knows the real birthday of Jesus, as there was no date given in the Holy Bible. But how did we arrive at this date?

Now, the first record of December 25th being celebrated as Christmas day was back in 336 AD, this was during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine, who was also the First Christian Roman Emperor. And a few years later, Pope Julius I, officially declared that the 25th of December would be celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Despite the fact that this date isn’t acknowledged by Islam, due to the festive atmosphere, everyone joins in the celebration. Christians around the world gather to celebrate Jesus singing joyful songs, exchanging gift and cooking special meals.

In most parts of the world, it’s a holiday period, as most people don’t go to work, this is a time to spend with the family and celebrate.

In Nigeria on this day, don’t be shocked to get some knocks on your door, as it’s normal to have lots of visitors and also the Christmas children who move in groups, dressed up in their new Christmas cloths, move from house to house wishing you a Merry Christmas and in turn you are expected to give them something when they are leaving, these children move around like that till they are tired and go back home with a full stomach and lots of gifts.

Married couples with children often spend time having picnic with the family at recreational parks, while some go to the Zoo and The Museum to share some fun time.

The younger guys love to spend this season with their girlfriends at the cinema, usually during the evening time, while some go on romantic dinner dates as this is the best time to spend with you loved one apart from valentine’s day, because there is no distraction of work for now.

Cost of goods usually go up around this period, especially the cost of chicken. If you hold on for some days, on the last day of the year, the 31st of December, there are usually what is referred to “After Today No More” sales, were the cost of cloths and shoes are drastically reduced.

The Christmas season is widely seen as the best time to celebrate with the family and loved ones, as well as showing love to less privileged in the society.