Adult Friend Finder [AFF] is one of the most well-known adult dating websites today, but what is the secret of their success? Many people think it is their very good affiliate program, it seem to be the most lucrative in the industry,  you can earn $1 for each unique visitor you send to them.

At a glance, the offer looks quite good,  but in fact only few people really make such good money with AFF affiliate program.

They have 3 different kinds of affiliate program:

  • per-pay click – get paid for each click
  • percentage program
  • per order payout

Yes you can earn $1 for each unique visitor but this rule apply only if you maintain at least 1 free member from every 20 unique clicks and at least 1 premium member from every 25 free members. It is the required minimum from AFF administration and if you do not meet the target, you will be automatically moved to Percentage program where, of course, you will not earn the widely promoted  $1per unique visitor opportunity.

Do you really believe that at least 1 out of  20 unique traffic you sent to AFF will sign up? more so, are you sure that at least 1 out of 25 free members you sent to them  will upgrade to  premium member.

At first glance, the affiliate opportunity promoted by Adult Friend Finder to webmasters looks like a good opportunity for webmasters to make money, but when you look deeper, the only one making all the money from the partnership is Adult Friend Finder.

Other sites that are part of the AFF affiliate program includes  adultfriendfinder, alt, outpersonals, germanfriendfinder, nostringsattached, hotmatch, xmatch, lesbianpersonals, passion.