“…  a unique take on magic mixed into a believable world of non-magic. I enjoyed the excitement of murder and police work, the love and loyalty of animals, the witty sarcasm and the hilarity of a dysfunctional yet functional family. This book accomplished the feat of making me want more and I cannot wait to read the next one.”

Masquerade in Chaos: Kable VonSable (Choosing Chaos Book 1) by M J Hutto emerged the winner of Discover New Books’ Book of the Month for January 2022. The book was shortlisted for this award along with Elusive Family Secret by Ken Astley and Overcomer: A Journey through Mental Health by Victor Clark. 

Book Details

Title: Masquerade in Chaos: Kable VonSable (Choosing Chaos Book 1)

Author: M.J Hutto

Language: English

Genre: Fiction, Urban Fantasy

Publication date : June 22, 2021


Purchase page: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B097S9YHMZ/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_P11DBW128PWZNYWN622R

What people are saying about Masquerade in Chaos…

“One of those great reads where you get lost in the characters and storyline and completely forget you are reading (which means great writing)! Lovable characters in a great paced mystery with magic and murder? Yes please! It was difficult to put down while I tried to figure it all out with Kable. Looking forward to more.” – Kittikat

“Love this book!! It incorporates all the great things I love about the mystical. Lovely new writer. Can’t wait until the next one!!” – Brandy Roberson

“Made it to chapter 13 so far but I need to go to sleep!! Will pick it back up tomorrow….its so good!! I can’t put it down…I knew it was going to be good…but your descriptions of the characters is so good,I can picture them as I’m reading and the story is amazing and keeps me hooked!! Can’t wait to finish this book…will post another review when I’m done!!! I love Kables character and Thibbs!!!” – bobbie