Featured Snippets cheat sheet

Featured Snippets cheat sheet

A warm welcome to the very first SEO and digital marketing roundup from Haba Naija. The idea for this roundup was suggested to me by Temi Odurinde, who is also assisting me in curating the first roundup.

Usually before you start writing on a topic, you must be a kind of an expert? Well, that is not always the case. I am far from being an expert, in a way, that is what makes the whole idea a lot more fun.

It is a challenge in a way, as to be able to write from a position of authority, I need to increase my own knowledge of whatever topic I write about or curate.

So, on this very first post of SEO and digital marketing roundup for Nigeria, I will be starting with tools, website and other tools I find useful, during my research to inform myself about SEO and digital marketing in Nigeria.

Featured Snippets cheat sheet

Featured Snippets cheat sheet

Featured Snippets is the name of the game

When I started my SEO research last week, I came across a lot of SEO stuff that can help you rank for this or can get you back-links from that.

One thing that stuck in my mind was featured snippets cheat sheet I downloaded from Moz. And here is just a few of the reason why this cheat sheet rocks:

Featured Snippets is drastically Changing the SEO world

For millions of Nigeria bloggers and content writers, how to achieve the number 1 position on SERPs is a goal or objective many wishes to achieve.

However, to be on the first page is not just enough, being in the 10th position on the first page can be considered as being in the 100th position. Few users visit your pages (if you’re lucky enough).

Therefore, this Featured Snippets cheat sheet is a guideline on how to get a Google Featured Snippets with your contents.

According to Ahref, when your content is ranked for a search term and has a position zero( featured snippet) you gain 31% more traffic compared to just having the position without the feature snippet. That is a whole lot for your blog or content right ? follow the F.S cheat sheet and get your first Feature Snippet.

Arguably speaking, many bloggers do not understand what a snippet means, or the types of Snippets that fit the contents they write.

The F.S sheet enables you to understand what sort of snippets is applicable to your content and things to do in order to get the Snippets.

There are three major types of Feature Snippets

  • Paragraph Snippets    81.95%
  • List Snippets(Bullet and Numbered )  10.77%
  • Table Snippets   7.28%

These snippets are applicable to different categories of contents on the SERPs. The F.S cheat sheet allows you to understand and work towards getting the type of Snippets works for your type of content.

Many Nigerians in the world of SERPs will agree with me that in the world of SEO today, On-page SEO, is a factor that cannot be overemphasised.

Therefore, the Featured Snippets cheat sheet makes you understand how to structure your contents for SERPS optimisations.

Enabling you to understand how to use H2’s and other tags to structure your content for a huge positive results.

Finally, it is indeed a fact that snippets have literally changed “SEO” optimising, however, the value is enormous and if done correctly, 91% guaranteed to provide valuable results.

Stop being afraid and go for your SEO or blogging goals Oluwatoni Olatunji

Oluwatooni Olatunji

Oluwatooni Olatunji – Just shoot, go for it!

You may have read the roundup Haba Naija did about promising Nigerian bloggers. If you have not read it, you must, you can find it here. It contains loads of tips that could help you become a better blogger and digital marketer.

Out of all the suggestions and advice, I found Oluwatoni Olatunji wake up calling a challenge to all of us, me in particular because her argument that we African are raised on fear is very true.

I am often afraid of doing this, afraid of doing that. But I will take her suggestion and be less afraid in 2020.