Be fit for the new year

Be fit for the new year

As the New Year slowly approaches, you are shedding the year that is about to pass, and you are looking forward to what the next year will bring your way. Many people take the New Year as chance to move forward. For most people, they set the same goals that they have set every year. The most famous goal that people set is to focus on their health, and to lose weight. They have all of the intentions to follow through, but after a few weeks they burn out because of different factors.

Can You Relate To This?

It is the first of January, and you have taken all of the unhealthy food out of your home, and placed it into the trash can outside. One night after midnight, you find yourself in the kitchen looking for any cookie or cake that you may accidentally left behind. Or, maybe you have purchased the latest piece of exercise equipment or exercise DVD and you make a promise to work out every day. Two weeks in to the New Year, you are now placing your work clothes on the equipment, and the DVDs are being used as paper holders. You may wonder why you cannot follow through with your resolution.

Most people plan weight loss and exercise goals that are a little out of reach for them. If you haven’t exercised since your senior year in high school, chances are you will not be able to run one mile at the age of 30. You need to create a plan that will allow you to achieve your goals in a healthy way for long term health. This means you will not take part in any quick fix diets, or set unrealistic exercise goals that could leave you burned out or injured.

Create a Workable Plan

The first part of the plan is simple. If you want to start a new health regimen the first of the year, take some time out a week or two before, and create a list of goals. These should be short term goals that will help you work towards your long term goals. A short term goal should be something that will take you 2 to 6 months to achieve. A long term goal should be something that you can achieve in one year. Do not become disappointed if your goals are not reached. Take some time to evaluate what happened, and modify your list.

It can be difficult to give up all of your favorite foods cold turkey. Every few weeks, take one thing out of your kitchen that is unhealthy and replace it with something healthy. This will give you time to adjust to your healthier diet.

This is not the time to be with negative people. Try to interact only with the people that you know will be supportive of your new lifestyle. You should also avoid those that may try to inadvertently sabotage your efforts by offering you unhealthy foods to eat. So, if you have a favorite aunt that makes the best desserts in the world, kindly refuse any samples.

This is a short list of things that will get you started on your healthier lifestyle for the New Year. If you start now, think how much you will have accomplished one year from now.