BlackWash: The Untold Stories of Reverse Racism

About The Author

A Washington D.C. and S.C. native, Rodney Cloud Hill served six years in the United States military. His Air Force career allowed him the opportunity to experience the world. While serving, he finished his Bachelors in Sociology, where he gained a passion for knowledge and aspirations to heal the Black community. Through his journey Rodney Cloud Hill has had the opportunity of joining two Fraternal organizations that does such. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and Prince Hall Free and Accepted Masonry.

Today, Rodney Cloud Hill is most recognized for his published/copyrighted books “BlackWash: The Untold Stories of Reverse Racism” and “The Cloud Effect” available on Amazon.

Rodney is greatly passionate about the education and livelihood of his fellow men and women.

Author’s interview

Question 1: Pitch your books to use  (maximum of 100 words).

Many people will never understand the physical, emotional, and mental trauma that Africans/Black people have endured for centuries. Thus, after 5 years of dedication I am happy to announce “BlackWash: The Untold Stories of Reverse Racism.” I will be taking you through a journey of over 200 factual events, from history and contemporary society, while changing the narrative in an alternate reality, so now Europeans/White people will be placed in a society where they are the victims of institutional racism and systemic oppression. With this perspective change comes a thrilling ride of enlightenment, empathy, sympathy, empowerment, and entertainment.

Question 2: What inspired you to write your book?  

It is a psychological norm for people of all races and genders to not care about issues that do not affect them. However, when you have the people of the Africa Diaspora, which is on a very large scale, stating they are being oppressed, for hundreds of years, and little efforts are being done to alleviate it, it made sense to me to flip the perspective. I believe it is the only way people can truly understand what has happened and what is still happening to Africans/Black people.

Question 3: Who is your book for? 

My novel is for critical thinkers, scholars, activists, racists, antiracists, educators, but truly the entire world. 14+

Question 4: What do you hope the book will achieve?

I want my book to be used in high school and collegiate curriculum to teach antiracism. I want people to challenge the references and stories from the book, while asking themselves how can countries allow these types of hateful situations to exists.

Question 5: Where can potential readers buy or download your book?, Amazon, Audible, Goodreads, and iTunes

Question 6: Are you a first time author or have you written other books you want to tell us about?  

The Cloud Effect was my first book. It is a poetry book comprised of 23 poems. This pieces ranged from Black love, Worldly love, Unification, Life, Death, Religion, Consciousness, Education, Miseducation, and my experience as a African American in the United States.

Question 7: Who is/are your favourite authors of all time? 

The Kybalion by Thoth/Tehuti (African name for him) Hermes Trismugetus (Greeks name for him)

Post Traumatic Slave Dysorder by Dr. Joy Degruy

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Question 8: Writing a book is a significant achievement. Do you have any tips for people who may want to write a book?  

Its cliché honestly, but actually don’t give up and commit time to writing a particular amount of pages per day or week.

Question 9: Are you working on another project people should look out for in the future?   

I would like to turn my novel into a web series. I have podcasts and radio shows that I have spoken at, in regards to the novel. I wish to speak at schools and do a book tour as well.

Question 10: How can a fan of your work connect with you? is my website. IG/Twitter/Snapchat all Rodneycloudhill Facebook Rodney Cloud Hill

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