Can African Black Soap give you a skin like this?

Can African Black Soap give you a skin like this?

If you are dealing with problem skin, there is no doubt that you are well aware of all of the products that claim to heal your skin. The unfortunate thing about most of these treatments are that they will eventually make your skin dry and cause additional breakouts on skin that is too sensitive for these products. If you want healthy and beautiful skin, you have to nourish your skin by what you eat, and what you use on your skin. An effective acne treatment for women of colour is African Black Soap (also known as Ose Dudu, Anago Soap Alata Samina). It is a natural soap, one that is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. This soap has the proper mixture of moisturizing and cleaning ingredients that will work for all different skin types.

The Origin of African Black Soap

Raw African Black Soap - Ose Dudu

Raw African Black Soap – Ose Dudu

It is more commonly referred to as black soap, and it is usually found in the areas of West Africa. Each region has created their unique type of black soap. These soaps differ in the techniques in which they are prepared, including the use of different herbs and oils. When you purchase an original bar of black soap that has origins in Africa, you will know that the soap is all natural. There are not any manmade chemicals in the soap.

What Makes This Soap Different From the Rest?

Many people wonder what makes this soap so special. The answer is simple. The ingredients that are used to make the soap are all natural. Some of the ingredients you may find in black soap are plantain skins and powder from a cocoa pod. There are also different types of oils that are in the soap like coconut oil and palm oil. Some soap even includes the leaves from the palm tree.

The cooking process is as varied as the makers who produce the soap, but they all follow a similar process. Plantain skins are dried in the sun for a period of time, and then they are added into a type of clay and baked. This helps to provide the basis for the soap’s texture and smell. The cocoa pod powder is then added to the clay and skins mixture. The oils and the leaves are the last things that are added to the soap. You may see black soap being sold that is darker or lighter than others. The color of the soap is determined by how long the skins were dried.

Black Soap Is Affordable

This all natural, skin soothing soap is very well priced. You can buy a bar of this soap for as little as $4 USD. The unit price per bar is beneficial because you can get two to three bars at a time. Many more retail outlets are providing this soap, so you can buy it locally or online.

How Does It Help Black Skin?

This amazing soap can work with any skin type and any skin color. You will notice wrinkles and age lines slowly diminishing. It is also very effective at removing acne scars, bumps, and eliminating hyperpigmentation in the skin.